Galaxy® Tension


Galaxy® Tension is the world’s first technology that enables accurate 3D scanning and mapping of tension, or stress, in the internal structure of rough diamonds. The presence of tension within a rough diamond endangers the integrity of the stone during laser sawing. Laser cutting on high tension areas can enlarge the inclusion, create new cracks, or even cause the rough diamond to shatter. According to feedback from diamond manufacturers, 10 to 20% of rough diamonds with detected medium or high-tension areas are damaged in some way during the laser sawing process. Galaxy® Tension provides precise, color-coded detection that displays the actual, physical location of tension areas and the intensity of the tension within the diamond, with no distortions caused by reflections or other visual disturbances. Galaxy® Tension, used with Advisor®  rough planning software, adds a new dimension to rough diamond planning, enabling manufacturers to consider the actual location of tension in rough diamonds at a much earlier stage of the production process, ensuring safer, more effective and more profitable planning and sawing.



Key Benefits

  • Scanning and 3D dynamic display of actual location and strength of tension within rough diamonds.
  • Customized color-coded presentation shows various levels of tension - from low to extreme.
  • Reduces risk of damage to rough diamonds during laser sawing.
  • Enables rough planning according to detection of tension areas.
  • Reduces need for safety distance during laser sawing, maximizing the polished yield from rough diamonds.
  • Available in the upgrade kit for Galaxy® 1000 - no new hardware required.
  • Adds a new dimension to Galaxy® inclusion scanning - stress detection.
  • Compatible with Advisor® rough planning software.