Laser Processing

Beyond planning, Sarine presents advanced laser processing that seamlessly links the rough planning stage with the diamond cutting process. Sarine’s laser inscription products are used by gem labs worldwide to offer the highest quality laser marking and personalized inscription services for polished stones.

  • Quazer® 3

    The Quazer ® is an advanced high quality, green laser diamond sawing and shaping system, offering the ... more

  • Quazer® Industrial Cutting

    The Quazer ® Industrial Cutting is an add-on to the Quazer, enabling manufacturers to perform special cutting ... more

  • Quazer® Shaping

    Quazer ® Shaping is a unique sawing method, used mainly for fancy shapes, allowing the shaping of a rough ... more

  • Strategist®

    The Strategist ® is a setup station that integrates Sarine’s Advisor ®  rough planning output data ... more

  • Turnstile™

    The Turnstile™ is an optional add-on sawing cassette for the Quazer ® , allowing the loading of ... more