Rough Purchasing

Maximize efficiency and minimize costs with a range of rough purchasing products designed to mesh evaluation precision with ease of use. Sarine’s portable systems enable accurate, on-site decision-making during tenders, based on ultimate potential of Cut, Carat and Clarity.

  • DiaMobile® XXL

    Based on the global popularity and success of the DiaMobile® XL, DiaMobile® XXL is a mobile system for evaluating ... more

  • DiaScan® S+ (Rough)

    The DiaScan ® S+ is Sarine’s cost effective, compact and mobile system for the accurate geometrical ... more

  • Galaxy® 2000

    The Galaxy ® 2000 revolutionizes rough diamond trading. Diamonds can now be fully assessed without the need ... more

  • DiaMobile® XL

    DiaMobile ®  XL is a compact and mobile system, used for evaluating and planning large rough diamonds during ... more

  • Advisor™ (Tenders)

    Advisor™ (Tenders) is the world’s most widely used rough planning software, integrating internal ... more