Sarin India was established in 2004 as a wholly owned subsidiary, headquartered in the financial capital of India – Mumbai. The company was established to provide pre and post-sale activities for the diamond industry in India and Sri Lanka. Sarin India, which began with 18 employees, today employs 380 people in Mumbai and Surat, India’s primary diamond centers.

Sarin India today helps diamond industry players assess their needs and plan for new technology assimilation, trains the manufacturers’ personnel in the proper use of our latest equipment and software, provides warranty and post-warranty maintenance and operates various service centers for the smaller customers’ benefit.

Sarin India runs two inclusion mapping service centers in Mumbai and Surat, operating all the currently available Galaxy™ models for all possible ranges of stone sizes and scanning accuracies coupled with planning services, of so desired.  Sarin India also offers sophisticated and safe laser sawing services using the industry’s leading Quazer™ II green laser.

Sarin India’s strength is in the quality of its manpower whose commitment in providing top level customer service is renowned. Sarin India’s commitment to our customers in India will be further enhanced with the completion of “Sarin House” in Surat in 2015, which will house all our activities under one roof in up to date modern facilities.


Galatea was established in 2004 by young Israeli entrepreneurs and pioneered automated,comprehensive and accurate inclusion detection in rough diamonds. In 2008 Galatea was purchased by Sarine Technologies, and the technology was perfected from prototype to commercial reality with initial launch of the Galaxy™ system in 2009.

Subsequently followed by additional models for specific stone sizes and scanning accuracies, such as the Galaxy™ XL, the Galaxy™ Ultra and the Solaris™, Galatea’s systems all create a highly accurate 3D map of the internal inclusions within a rough diamond.

This information is integrated into Sarine’s planning products, taking our leadership in diamond planning to an entire new unmatched level. This unique technology has been established as the world’s leading (and currently only) automated solution for inclusion mapping, and has been adopted by leading manufacturing plants worldwide. The systems’ unique capabilities are also offered in all leading diamond centers in service centers run either by or under license from Sarine.


In 2023, Sarine welcomed a pivotal addition to its roster with the creation of GCAL by Sarine through a strategic merger. This partnership seamlessly integrates Sarine’s pioneering technologies with GCAL’s esteemed reputation, culminating in a powerhouse entity within the Sarine group.

GCAL USA LLC inherits Sarine’s cutting-edge advancements, including the revolutionary AI-derived cloud-based on-site e-Grading™ system and the Sarine Journey™ traceability paradigm. This synergy amplifies GCAL’s standing in the US market, reinforcing its commitment to unparalleled quality control and service excellence.


Sarin Hong Kong Ltd, the Sarine Group’s arm in the Asia Pacific region, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sarine Technologies Ltd. Its Hong Kong facility is intended to serve the retail and wholesale polished diamond trade throughout the region, bringing Sarine’s range of advanced cutting, grading and imaging solutions to the Asia Pacific markets. Optimized to meet the needs of local and regional customers, Sarine’s Hong Kong team focuses on providing fast, convenient access to Sarine services and support.