Cut & symmetry – our diamond cutting solutions

Achieving optimal cut & symmetry of polished diamonds is both an art and a science. As an art, it requires deep knowledge and skill of the professional diamond cutter. And as a science, it demands the world’s most accurate, reliable cut & symmetry measurement and analysis to ensure results that in some cases even meet micron levels of precision.

Sarine’s Cut & Symmetry diamond cutting machines are designed with decades of expertise in both the technological and gemological arenas. Using advanced optics, Sarine’s scanning devices take accurate 360 degree-images of semi-polished and polished diamonds, and then utilize an extensive range of parameters to determine cut and recut options that truly maximize the potential and yield of the polished result. Whether used in the diamond manufacturing plant, on the go at diamond tenders or in wholesale establishments, Sarine Cut & Symmetry solutions are the ideal software and hardware choices to make the right diamond cut choice.

For analysis, measurement and modeling of a semi-polished or polished diamonds proportions and dimensions, to laser marking polishing instructions or laser inscribing the ID number on a diamond, Sarine Cut & Symmetry technologies offer a suite of products and solutions that cover the entire spectrum of the cut & symmetry analysis and polishing stage of diamond manufacturing.

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