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We’re happy to share that Sarin India Ltd. Pvt is taking big steps toward making the next generation shine. During 2022 the CRS committee reached out to Ambapani Ashram Shala and Kalibel Prathmik Shala, two schools in rural areas in the Dang district of Gujarat and distributed a ton school supplies, which include backpacks, note and drawing books and clipboards.

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We reward our employees for their contribution to the company

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Environmental responsibility

We aim to be an environmentally responsible company 

Social responsibility

We strive to benefit individuals and the society. Check out

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Social responsibility is an ethical framework which suggests that we have an obligation to act for the benefit of society. Social responsibility means sustaining the balance between Sarine and the environment. It pertains not only to Sarine as an organization, but also to everyone whose actions impacts the environment. It is a concept that aims to ensure people in the organization, as well as in our society, receive support for their needs. This responsibility can be passive, by avoiding engaging in harmful acts, or active, by performing activities that directly advance social goals. We have made social responsibility an integral part of our business, and strive to continue improving our surroundings.


Our human resources policies protect the rights of our employees, as mandated by all applicable laws.

We maintain strict policies with regard to fairness and equality in the workplace, to provide a safe and amicable environment for all our employees, regardless of sex, race, religious belief or heritage.

We strive to offer our employees engaging career paths, providing professional training where appropriate.

We maintain and encourage open communication between our employees and management levels.

We reward our employees for their contribution to the company’s success with cash bonuses, grants of options or otherwise.

We organize numerous annual sports and leisure events for our employees and their families to enhance our team spirit and reward them for their accomplishments.


We are proud to receive a badge of recognition for our support of Jewellers for Children and their charity partners. We at Sarine are overly delighted to donate one of our advanced bestselling products, the Sarine DiaScan® S9+, for the Jewelers for Children auction at AGS Conclave 2022.
Since 1999, the silent auction at the AGS Conclave has raised over $1,000,000 to help children in need. We commend and support the donors, volunteers, advocates, and partners of this fantastic organization, and are happy to spread the word about the good the industry is doing through Jewelers for Children.


At Sarine™ our community is important to us. We find it essential to support those less  fortunate – including children with disabilities, disadvantaged families, the elderly and the ill. Every year, Sarine’s employees participate in the national Good Deeds Day. Below are some of the efforts to which we have contributed.

Click here to view our collaboration with the Make-A-Wish foundation.