Instructor® - Sarine

Instructor® is Sarine’s polished diamond analysis and grading software. It is the successor to our renowned DiaVision® software and a revolutionary upgrade for polished diamond Cut graders, manufacturers, polishers and traders alike. The Instructor software is used by the leading gemological institutes and laboratories worldwide to assess a polished diamond’s Cut grade, and incorporates optional add-ons specifically endorsed by the GIA® and AGSL®.

Instructor’s virtual polishing tools guide polishers through sequential polishing steps with maximum confidence, enabling them to stick to the optimal polishing plan derived during the planning phase, creating an average 1% – 4% increase in the finished polished diamond’s carat weight. Its asymmetric recut option exceeds, and derives the optimal Cut grade Carat weight combination, out of thousands of Cut and symmetry options, including asymmetric ones, to maximize your polished diamonds’ value.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, comprehensive geometrical diamond measurements and analysis with 3D views and printable tabular reports
  • Incorporates GIA®, AGS®, IGI®, HRD®, EGL®, AGL® and other leading gemological laboratories' grading criteria
  • Optional customized user grading rules and reports
  • Virtual polishing tools and features:
  • Asymmetrical recut options analyzed for round brilliant diamonds
  • Borderline alerts
  • Supports all diamond shapes, including custom made shapes
  • Supports DiaMark® HD laser marker to mark your optimal diamond recut plan and creates a simpler, more confident and faster polishing correction process

Technical Specifications

  • Applicable hardware
    DiaMension, DiaMension HD, DiaMark HD, DiaMark™ HD
  • Applicable add-on software
    GIA® Facetware™ , AGS® Performance Grading System