DiaMark™ HD



The DiaMark™ HD is a laser marking system designed specifically to inscribe corrective polishing instructions on semi-polished diamonds. The DiaMark™ HD is designed to mark on blocked stones with flat polished facets, in conjunction with Instructor™ software guidance. The DiaMark HD laser marking system uses specially designed low power lasers with lower penetration compared to the standard DiaMark™ Z, enabling polishers to easily remove the markings following the corrective polishing. The laser markings can be removed without leaving any traces, thus the optimal planned polishing is confidently achieved with minimum errors and higher Cut grades.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for marking re-cut or corrective cutting instructions on polished diamonds
  • Marks the stone according to instructions provided by Instructor™, eliminating discrepancies between the recut or corrective planning stages and the polishing process
  • Controllable laser parameters enable optimization of laser performance by stone types
  • Marked lines are vivid black and easy to see but low penetration depth ensures easy removal by subsequent polishing

Technical Specifications

  • Laser marker line width
    6 microns (0.006 mm) or thicker
  • Multi Lens 3 to 28 mm with interchangeable lenses:
    Lens #0: 13.0-28.0 mm
    Lens #1: 6.0–21.0 mm
    Lens #2: 4.0–13.0 mm
    Lens #3: 3.0–8.0 mm
  • Dimensions
    L: 57cm (22.4"); D: 23cm (9.1"); H: 22cm (8.5")
  • Weight
    15Kg (33.1Ibs)
  • Operating Voltage
    110/220 VAC; 50/60 Hz
  • Applicable
    Instructor™ 2.6, Advisor™