Galaxy® 2000


The Galaxy® 2000 revolutionizes rough diamond trading. Diamonds can now be fully assessed without the need to polish “windows” to view the inclusions within. Different types of diamonds can be assessed including frosted stones. The uniqueness of Galaxy 2000 is that no laser symbols are inscribed as by the other Galaxy systems. The Galaxy 2000 provides rough diamond traders with the means to quickly and automatically inspect, evaluate and determine the value of a rough stone by comprehensively mapping its inclusions, regardless of their type, size and location.

The Galaxy 2000 can also be used by diamond cutters to quickly and automatically detect and comprehensively map inclusions in polished and semi-polished diamonds, so as to assess (using the Advisor® software) trade offs between increased Clarity and reduced Carat weight, thus enabling an informed and confident decision on whether to re-cut the stone. Together with Sarine’s Advisor rough planning software, the Galaxy 2000 service offers the perfect tool for true rough diamond valuation inspiring confidence in your decision whether to buy the rough stone or not.

Key Benefits

  • Handles all types of inclusions whether transparent or black - piques, cracks (“gletzes”), bubbles, clouds, etc.
  • Detects inclusions in VS - I3 classifications
  • Scans most diamonds including, frosted and even slightly coated, regardless of level of impurities
  • Scans stones up to ~ 20.00ct.
  • Scans partially polished or polished diamonds (without laser symbols)
  • Free of laser symbols, not as required by Galaxy 1000
  • Generates an accurate, easily understandable 3D model of the diamond with all inclusions clearly mapped
  • Average productivity of 5 stones per hour, regardless of level of impuritie
  • Fully integrated with Sarine’s Advisor software

Technical Specifications

  • Stone sizes
    H - Up to 16 mm
    W - Up to 13 mm
  • Stone weight
    Up to ~20.00ct.
  • Productivity
    5 stones per hour (average)
  • Detection ability
    VS to I3
  • Weight
    ~350kg (771 Ibs)