Galaxy® Meteorite


Sarine Galaxy Meteorite is an Inclusion Mapping system designed for small stones segment, based on 3D laser scanning for an accurate 3D model of the rough stone.

Based on the Galaxy® inclusion mapping technology, the Galaxy® Meteorite is specially designed for the very small stone segment of rough diamonds sized up to 0.40 carat. The Galaxy Meteorite inclusion mapping system delivers an accurate 3D model of the rough stone, including internal inclusions down to VS type, and external surface flaws. For manufacturers of smallest polished diamonds, Meteorite system provides a comprehensive approach to stone management, delivering a fast, cost-efficient solution that enables maximal utilization of the rough stone.


The Galaxy® systems scan and map inclusions in rough diamonds, offering automated accurate internal assessment that detects the most minute clarity data for a wide range of diamond sizes. Since its initial release in 2009, the Galaxy® inclusion mapping system has taken the industry to new levels in terms of maximizing the potential of rough diamonds. The system takes a rough diamond, and reveals to the manufacturer a perfectly accurate picture of all its possible futures as a polished diamond. The idea that diamond manufacturers could now predict and design the optimal cutting plan, with complete precision, was a major breakthrough that influences the entire production pipeline. The Galaxy® system not only changed the way that diamonds are mapped – it also changed the way the industry relates to the concept of rough planning.

Key Benefits

  • Highly accurate inclusion scanning for up to 0.40 carat rough stones
  • Integrates with various rough planning software
  • Supports frosted stones
  • Scanning output of 10 diamonds per hour
  • Detection capability down to VS type inclusions

Technical Specifications

  • Stone Sizes (Max)
    H - Up to 4.4 mm
    W - Up to 3.5 mm
  • Detection ability
    VS to I3
  • Weight
    180kg (400 lbs.)
  • Productivity
    10 stones per hour
  • Stone weight
    Below 0.40 ct.
  • Power Consumption
    1.0 kW/h