Galaxy® Tension


Galaxy® Tension - precise 3D scanning and mapping of tension

Galaxy® Tension stands as an unparalleled breakthrough, pioneering the world’s first technology for the precise 3D scanning and mapping of tension within the internal structure of rough diamonds. The peril of tension within these diamonds becomes evident during laser sawing, jeopardizing the stone’s integrity. Laser cutting on high tension areas poses threats, such as the enlargement of inclusions, the formation of new cracks, or even the shattering of the rough diamond itself.

Feedback from diamond manufacturers underscores the magnitude of the issue, revealing that 10 to 20% of rough diamonds with identified medium or high-tension areas suffer damage during the laser sawing process. Galaxy® Tension, with its advanced features, offers meticulous, color-coded detection, unveiling the actual physical location of tension areas and depicting the intensity within the diamond. This detection is free from distortions caused by reflections or other visual disturbances.

Revolutionizing Rough Diamond Planning:

When seamlessly integrated with Advisor® rough planning software, Galaxy® Tension introduces a transformative dimension to rough diamond planning. Manufacturers gain the ability to contemplate the precise location of tension in rough diamonds much earlier in the production process, ensuring a paradigm shift towards safer, more effective, and ultimately more profitable planning and sawing procedures. Galaxy® Tension redefines industry standards, promising not just a technological advance but a strategic enhancement in diamond manufacturing processes.



Key Benefits

  • Scanning and 3D dynamic display of actual location and strength of tension within rough diamonds.
  • Customized color-coded presentation shows various levels of tension - from low to extreme.
  • Reduces risk of damage to rough diamonds during laser sawing.
  • Enables rough planning according to detection of tension areas.
  • Reduces need for safety distance during laser sawing, maximizing the polished yield from rough diamonds.
  • Available in the upgrade kit for Galaxy® 1000 - no new hardware required.
  • Adds a new dimension to Galaxy® inclusion scanning - stress detection.
  • Compatible with Advisor® rough planning software.