Galaxy® 1000


Galaxy 1000_Sarine

The Galaxy® 1000 is the world-leading product for the fully automated detection and mapping of internal features in rough diamonds. The Galaxy 1000 can scan most rough diamonds and accurately maps all the inclusions in the diamond regardless of their type, size, and location. This unique process is performed quickly and automatically without the need for any “windows” being opened or other pre-processing of the rough stone.

Unlike alternative techniques, this revolutionary system operates virtually independent of the operators’ skill. It is designed to directly output its data to the Advisor® – Sarine’s rough planning software, so as to confidently enable true optimization of the value of the polished stone, based on all the relevant C’s, including, for the first time ever, the Clarity.

Key Benefits

  • Handles all types of inclusions whether transparent or black - piques, cracks (“gletzes”), bubbles, clouds, etc.
  • Detects inclusions up to VS-I3 classifications
  • Scans most diamonds including, frosted and slightly coated, regardless of level of impurities
  • Scans diamonds up to ~ 20.00ct.
  • Generates an accurate easily understandable 3D model of the rough diamond, clearly mapping all inclusions
  • Average productivity of 5 stones per hour, regardless of level of impurities
  • Fully integrated with Sarine’s Advisor® software

Technical Specifications

  • Stone Sizes
    H - Up to 16 mm
    W - Up to 13 mm
  • Stone Weight
    Up to ~20.00ct
  • Productivity
    5 stones per hour (average)
  • Detection ability
    VS to I3
  • Dimensions
    L: 1.15m (3’9”); W:0.75m (2’6”); H:1.65m (5’5”)
  • Electrical Inputs
    220V, 5A, 50 Hertz
  • Power Consumption
    1.0 kW/h
  • Weight
    ~350kg (771lbs.)