DiaMobile® XXL


DiaMobile® XXL - Evaluation and planning of larger diamonds. Boost revenue with 30% faster scanning for informed decisions in real-time.

DiaMobile® XXL, dedicated to the evaluation and planning of larger diamonds, emerges as a cutting-edge mobile system, building on the global popularity and success of the DiaMobile® XL. Tailored for the assessment and planning of more substantial rough and polished diamonds, the DiaMobile® XXL accommodates generously sized stones up to 370 carats (37 mm). This innovative system seamlessly incorporates the swift and precise analysis capabilities inherent in DiaMobile technology, now fine-tuned for the expansive diamond segment, empowering dealers globally to make astute decisions in real time and enhance potential revenue within this highly lucrative sector.

DiaMobile® XXL: Enhanced Efficiency for Swift Diamond Scanning

DiaMobile® XXL not only excels in handling larger diamonds up to ~370 ct. (37mm) but also boasts an impressive 30% increase in scanning speed compared to its standard XL counterpart. Whether navigating through rough or polished diamonds, DiaMobile® XXL stands out as a resilient, lightweight, and potent device. Its user-friendly interface belies its powerful capabilities, providing a seamless experience while delivering swift and sophisticated results. With DiaMobile® XXL, dealers gain an invaluable tool that not only keeps pace with the demands of larger diamonds but also accelerates the scanning process, elevating their operational efficiency and reinforcing their position in the dynamic diamond market.

Key Benefits

  • Specially designed for larger diamonds - suitable for diamonds up to 370 ct. (37mm)
  • Faster Scanning - operates up to 30% faster than DiaMobile® XL for increased efficiency
  • Versatility - analysis of large diamonds at all planning and manufacturing stages
  • Advanced scanning tech - map grooves, holes and any other concave areas on the rough diamond’s surface using optional laser scanning & shadow mapping
  • Robust, yet mobile - connects to either a laptop or desktop computer via single USB connection

Technical Specifications

  • Stone Sizes
    12 - 37 mm
  • Accuracy
    Linear ± 20 microns ± 0.02 mm
  • Angular
    ± 0.2 degrees
  • Dimensions
    L: 30.6 cm, D: 12.4 cm, H: 8 cm
  • Weight
    2.99 kg