Quazer® Shaping


Quazer® Shaping is a unique sawing method, used mainly for fancy shapes, allowing the shaping of a rough diamond into its final polished shape in one quick step. Quazer Shaping enables you to maximize productivity and minimize human errors. It is an optional feature for the Quazer and requires both software and hardware add-ons.

Key Benefits

  • Supports a wide variety of Cut shapes including all fancy shapes
  • Imports shapes from Advisor® planning solution
  • Previews and fine-tunes the semi-polished shape prior to the cutting process
  • Includes a color camera with a wide-angle component to view the whole diamond with the planned shape imposed over it
  • Cuts up to 48 stones in one batch, using the included shaping cassette
  • High productivity, with an average cutting speed of 10 Ct. cut per hour
  • Easy to use

Technical Specifications

  • Supported by Quazer
    version 2.0 and onwards
  • Supports usage of
    Shaping cassette

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