The Turnstile™ is an optional add-on sawing cassette for the Quazer®, allowing the loading of numerous stones into the system for sawing as a single batch job. The Turnstile sawing cassette provides two primary benefits:

  1. Maximizing productivity by processing up to 18 dops in a single batch.
  2. Reducing overall weight loss with its double-sided sawing capability.

In addition, the Turnstile supports the Strategist® which allows you to perform our unique pie-cut sawing and further increase your productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple stone processing setup - 18 stones per cassette processed in a single batch job for higher productivity and less operator overhead
  • Double sided sawing support
  • Separate motors for each dop pair ensuring long lasting trouble-free operation
  • Variable dop rotation angles allows selection of best sawing strategy
  • Accurate cassette motor movement ensures uniform repeatable motion
  • Supports the Strategist

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