Quazer® 3


The Quazer® is an advanced high quality, green laser diamond sawing and shaping system, offering the combined benefits of high productivity and profitability, low risk of breakage and flexibility cutting profiles. The Quazer offers the best diamond processing value in the market and ensures fast return on investment. The Quazer’s green laser technology has an advanced control software and exceptionally user-friendly operating system.

It offers the advantages of minimal weight loss (double-sided sawing), minimal risk of damage to your diamonds, high throughput, easy maintenance, high durability and many optional add-ons including pie-cut sawing, shaping and offline job setup functionalities.  The Quazer is a highly cost effective system for diamond sawing, bruting and shaping, employing green laser technology and advanced sawing and optional shaping capabilities, enabling more value to be confidently extracted from any rough stone. The Quazer utilization of a high-end green laser has proven its effectiveness in sawing high tension stones whilst maintaining near-zero breakage rates.

Key Benefits

  • Minimal breakage
  • Low weight loss due to green laser technology and double-sided sawing cassette
  • Smooth cutting surface achieved by application of green laser technology and high quality motion system
  • 16W high power green diode laser affords high productivity and shorter processing time
  • Stone protection software reduces risk of stone damage
  • Large working area allows processing of numerous stones in a single batch
  • Advanced and user-friendly software interface allows easy and effective operation
  • Pie-cut sawing supported while using Sarine Strategist®
  • Advanced shaping and cutting functionalities available as add-ons
  • High durability and low maintenance costs

Technical Specifications

  • Wave Length
    532 nm
  • Dimensions
    L: 1.60m (5’ 3”); W:1.18m (3’10”); H:1.80m (5’11”)
  • Weight
    ~400 kg (882 lbs)
  • Electricity
    Voltage 230VAC, Current 12Amp, Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption
    less than 3000 VA
  • Laser source
  • Axis travel
    330mm x 278mm x 62mm

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