Quazer® Industrial Cutting


The Quazer® Industrial Cutting is an add-on to the Quazer, enabling manufacturers to perform special cutting and shaping jobs on natural and  CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) synthetic diamonds. A wide range of shapes are built into the software. The Quazer Industrial Cutting option also supports the import of 2D shapes from CAD (Computer-Aided Design) files that can be used by Quazer for cutting customer-proprietary shapes. The high quality green laser and advanced motion control system of the Quazer, enhanced by the Industrial Cutting feature, ensures a smooth sawing surface and increased productivity for various cutting needs.

Key Benefits

  • Safe and accurate processing of natural and synthetic CVD diamonds
  • High productivity – up to 10Ct/hour, depending on the shape complexity
  • Low weight loss
  • Scans large areas allowing the processing of large stones
  • Imports CAD (Computer Aided Design) files for customized shapes
  • Supports the cutting of open shapes
  • Provides engraving capabilities

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