DiaExpert® is the world’s leading rough diamond planning system, used by most major manufacturers. The DiaExpert, when integrated with Sarine’s world-leading Advisor planning software package, is used to confidently plan and print manufacturing instructions for rough diamonds. DiaExpert accurately scans all types of rough diamonds and utilizes a cutting edge laser scanner to accurately map concave areas on the rough diamond, including grooves and, providing a detailed 3D model of the stone.

The DiaExpert is also used  for the quality control of the execution of the plan after each key initial manufacturing stage, ensuring your confidence in a perfect execution. Combined with one of Sarine’s DiaMark® systems, accurate manufacturing instructions are physically engraved on the rough stone utilizing Sarine-proprietary lasers, providing a comprehensive planning solution.

The DiaExpert comes in two configurations:

  • Multi-Lens – interchangeable lenses handle all stone sizes from 1 point to 100ct
  • Single Lens – a cost effective solution which is limited to a specific stone size/weight range, as per the user’s needs

The laser scanner for concave areas can be enhanced by adding the TruScan® add-on.

Key Benefits

  • Scans rough diamonds throughout the manufacturing stages, from whole rough to blocked rough
  • Advanced vision system and laser scanner for concave areas supported by 3D image processing provides superior accuracy and speed on the rough diamond surface
  • Modular system allows you to easily upgrade the system enhancing scanning accuracy, adding marking capabilities and/or supporting additional stone size ranges (in multi-lens configuration, interchangeable lenses to maximize accuracy for all stone sizes
  • Integral table LED light for optimal viewing of rough stones, including internal inclusions
  • With Instructor® software, can also be used for diamond grading and quality control

Technical Specifications

  • Multi Lens (ML)
    Available lenses for multi-lens machine:
    1 to 28 millimeters in diameter (approx. 0.01 to 100 rough carats) with interchangeable lenses:
    Lens #0: 13-28 mm
    Lens #1: 6–15 mm
    Lens #2: 4–9 mm
    Lens #3: 3–6.5 mm
    Lens #4: 1-3.5 mm

  • Single Lens (SL)
    Available SL models for different stone sizes:
    3 to 15 millimeters in diameter on different machine models:
    SL #1.1: 6-15 mm
    SL #1.2: 5-11 mm
    SL #1.22: 4-9 mm
    SL #1.3: 3-6.5 mm
  • Accuracy
    Linear: ± 20 microns (± 0.02 mm)
    Angular: ± 0.2 degrees
  • Dimensions
    L:50 cm (19.7"); D:19 cm (7.3"); H:13 cm (5.1")
  • Weight
    8.5 kgs
  • Operating Voltage
    110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

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