DiaMark™ Light


DiaMark Light

DiaMark™ Light Edition is a laser marking that inscribes finer laser lines for conveying manufacturing instructions on semi-processed diamonds (e.g., for diamond shaping). The DiaMark™ Light is a hardware add-on to the DiaExpert™ products, as an alternative to the DiaMark™ Z. The DiaMark™ Light laser marking system uses specially designed low power lasers with lower penetration compared to the standard DiaMark™ Z, which enables polishers to easily remove the markings following the subsequent polishing.

 The laser markings are readily removed without any marking traces left over, thus the optimal planned polishing is confidently achieved with minimum errors. The DiaMark™ Light, when integrated with the DiaExpert™ systems, provides the ultimate solution for marking polishing information in the later stages of a rough diamond’s processing, when less deep marking is desired.

Key Benefits

  • Low penetration depth ensures easy removal by subsequent polishing
  • Controllable laser parameters enables optimization of laser performance as a function of stone type and type of required marking
  • Ideal for blocked and semi blocked stones
  • Safe operation, yet marked lines are vivid black and easy to see but low penetration depth ensures easy removal by subsequent polishing
  • Fast marking for increased productivity

Technical Specifications

  • Laser Marker Line Width
  • Operating Voltage
    110/220 VAC,50/60HZ
  • Weight
    16.5KGs (36.4 lbs)
  • Dimensions
    L:58cm (22.6");D: 24 cm (9.3");H: 22 cm (8.5")