Rough Planning – Learn how to Plan Your Rough Diamond

Sarine™ sets the industry standard in rough planning solutions, for high end, medium range and mass-produced small stones. Enhance productivity and ensure maximum value from each rough, with next-generation technology that supports your individual planning needs.

Rough planning is a complex and vital part of the process of creating and manufacturing polished diamonds. Via the world’s most accurate and reliable rough planning technologies by Sarine, diamond manufacturers can enhance the productivity of their business and maximize the yield they can achieve from polishing rough stones.

Sarine’s rough planning solutions are the long-standing industry standard for diamond planners. Sarine’s rough planning products span all types and sizes of diamonds, from high end to medium stones, and to mass produced smaller stones. Sarine tools for rough planning can be found in most diamond manufacturing plants around the world, and the range of compact portable diamond rough planning devices are commonly seen at diamond tenders worldwide, used by diamantaires to make more effective on-the-spot decisions about which rough diamonds to buy. In addition to Sarine’s standalone rough planning products, Sarine has also developed a range of software add-ons that assist diamond planners in fine-tuning their rough planning decisions, based on the guidelines and parameters of various gem labs, or different variables that come into play when planning the polishing process.

When it comes to rough planning, most diamond manufacturers around the world rely on Sarine’s signature excellence in rough planning technology, based on decades of experience that includes technological and gemological expertise.

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