Inclusion Charting


The Inclusion Charting tool is an add-on software package to the Advisor® rough planning software, which automatically and accurately positions manually entered inclusions based on operator’s indication of the inclusions’ reflections on the rough stone’s surface.

The DiaExpert® Eye high resolution camera provides high-quality images of the inclusions from various angles. Based on the images the inclusions are manually charted and the inclusions’ spatial location in the stone is automatically and accurately determined.

The charting process can be executed on the actual stone or at an offline station in which the images of the stone have been stored. This feature allows you to simultaneously hold the stone in your hand and view the inclusions with a loupe for added confidence. Productivity can be optimized by capturing images of numerous stones on a single DiaExpert Eye system, and charting the inclusions simultaneously on multiple offline inexpensive charting stations.

Key Benefits

  • High accuracy of inclusion charting
  • Automatically calculates exact inclusion location, size and shape
  • Supports parallel processing using offline inexpensive inclusion charting stations, increasing productivity