DiaExpert® Nano



DiaExpert® Nano is a cost effective rough planning and marking system designed for smaller rough stones measuring from ~15 to ~70 points. With the DiaExpert Nano you benefit from both high speed modelling, planning and marking all in less than a minute, while benefiting from all of Sarine’s advanced planning capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Specially designed for the scanning and marking of smaller stones
  • Accurately plans and marks stones between 2- 6.5 mm (15 to 70 points) with the same sophisticated software used for high end larger stones
  • Fast processing allows planning and marking up to 75 stones an hour
  • Specially designed laser creates clear markings for manufacturing stages with minimum stone penetration

Technical Specifications

  • Stone Sizes
    2-6.5mm (~15 to 70 points)
  • Accuracy
    Linear: ±20 microns (±0.02 mm), Angular: ±0.2 degrees
  • Operating voltage
    110/220 VAC, 50/50 Hz
  • Dimensions (ex. PC)
    L: 58 cm (22.8”); W: 24 cm (9.5”); H: 23 cm (9.1”)

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