Register, Measure, Model with Speed and Ease

AutoScan™ Plus in action: High-speed rough diamond registration for Sarine Traceability Program. Precision, efficiency, and value in one compact system

The Sarine AutoScan™ Plus system stands as an automatic high-throughput marvel, meticulously crafted for the seamless registration of diamond parcels into the esteemed Sarine Traceability program. This innovative system goes beyond conventional registration methods, employing precise measurements and modeling to capture the intricate 3D external shape of each diamond. Not stopping there, it delivers an exceptionally accurate weight measurement, setting a new standard for precision in the industry.

What truly sets the Sarine AutoScan™ Plus apart is its ability to create a distinctive fingerprint for every rough diamond it processes. This fingerprint serves as a unique identifier, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability throughout the diamond’s journey. As these diamonds move forward, Sarine remains equipped to track their every move, providing a comprehensive solution for traceability.

With a commitment to efficiency, the Sarine AutoScan™ Plus system boasts high productivity, seamlessly processing around 900 stones per hour. Its compact design transforms the registration process into a streamlined experience, as it sits conveniently on a tabletop. Operating this state-of-the-art system is a breeze, requiring only basic training for optimal functionality. Versatility is at the forefront, with support for all types of rough stones, making it an adaptable choice for various diamond applications.

In addition to its technological prowess, the Sarine AutoScan™ Plus system is an economical choice, delivering exceptional value for its price. This innovative solution combines efficiency, accuracy, and user-friendly design, making it an indispensable asset for diamond industry professionals seeking unparalleled performance in the traceability and registration process.

Key Benefits

  • Registers rough diamonds into the Sarine Traceability Program
  • High productivity, processing around 900 stones per hour
  • Small table-top system for convenient use
  • Easy to operate and requires only basic training
  • Supports all types of rough stones
  • Economical choice, offering great value for the price

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions
    L: 42 cm, W: 54 cm, H: 77 cm
  • Weight
    40 kg
  • Stone Sizes
    0.1 to 3 carat, on 2 machine models:
    Model 1: 0.1 - 0.75 Carat
    Model 2: 0.5 – 3 Carat
  • Productivity
    900 stones per hour
  • Power
    100 - 250 V ac ~100W