Sarine Light™


The Sarine Light™ is a scientific Light Performance measuring method and grading standard. It is based on the actual measurement of a diamond’s Light Performance and is a uniquely accurate and consistent device. The Sarine Light directly measures the Brilliance (reflected light), Sparkle (bright flashes), Fire (colored bursts), and Light Symmetry and calculates the total light performance grade. It quickly (under a minute), accurately and consistently evaluates the diamond’s true Light Performance.

Most other available techniques use mathematical computations based only on a polished diamond’s geometry to predict its light play, ignoring the effects of its Color grade and its internal inclusions (Clarity). The Sarine Light is a cloud based solution which enables you to effectively manage the information created in different trade scenarios, giving you effective global reach and saving you significant time and money. It can effectively create a virtual inventory of diamonds you can offer, whether in your store, in your chain or still at your supplier. It also allows your customers worldwide to instantly view the information online. The Sarine Light enables you to confidently measure, grade and present the Light Performance of your diamonds to your customers and compare their quality of your diamonds with others.

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