Sarine Loupe™


Sarine Loupe

Take a closer look than ever before…

Sarine Loupe™ is a cutting-edge diamond imaging solution that delivers the world’s most comprehensive viewing experience. Designed for online trade & retail environments, Sarine Loupe allows buyers to view the full actual details of the diamond, in real time, as if holding it in their hand and viewing through a loupe.

Based on advanced optics and mechanics, the patented Sarine Loupe device knits together thousands of scanned images of the diamond to create a superbly detailed and accurate picture with no manipulation, ensuring transparency and reliability that builds customer confidence.

View actual diamonds imagery HERE.

The diamond images generated by Sarine Loupe are stored in the cloud, accessible anytime, via a link that can be embedded in any trade platform, email or file. This enables accurate viewing of inventory located anywhere in the world, for efficient diamond sourcing and a shortened sales cycle.

The Sarine Loupe supports multiple view modes, meeting the needs of sellers and buyers with advanced imagery from a range of perspectives:

Real View
Ideal for retail customers, Real View offers a precise virtual experience of the diamond, providing a sense of its overall appearance, liveliness, tinge and inclusions that are visible to the naked eye.

Top View
Viewed from the table (top), the buyer is given a dynamic, tilting image of the diamond’s details, combined with an accurate overall impression of the diamond from the ‘bird’s eye’ view.

3D View
Ideal for trade customers, 3D View offers comprehensive visual information of every detail of the diamond, including in-depth inspection of the girdle, facets and imperfections, with 3D manual rotation and magnification at almost microscopic levels.

Inscription View NEW!
View the ID engraving exactly as it appears on the diamond girdle, magnified for  easy examination. This new feature enables buyers to validate the ID of the diamond they are viewing, by matching it with the accompanying certificate of authenticity.


Sarine Profile™ – Diamond Imaging Powered by Sarine Loupe 

Sarine Profile™, the world’s leading online diamond sales platform, incorporates diamond imaging, presenting the diamond’s visual essence as part of the unique Diamond Story. Diamond imaging in Sarine Profile is based on Sarine Loupe technology, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and reliability for in-store on website presentation of the diamond story. With Sarine Profile diamond imaging by Sarine Loupe, potential buyers view the complete virtual picture of the diamond in real time, no matter where they are in the world. An integral part of the Sarine Profile experience, Sarine Loupe delivers the complete range of view modes, customized to the needs of your target market.

Key Benefits

  • Enables confident communication between buyer and seller anytime, anywhere
  • Provides full and accurate diamond visual presentation without any manipulation
  • Ability to view the diamond from all angles and in any orientation with varying magnifications
  • Optimized viewing experience for online trade
  • Link could be embedded in any trade platform, email or file
  • High quality, patented measurement device with advanced optics and mechanics

Technical Specifications

  • Stone Capture
    Shapes: Round
    Size: 0.18 Ct to 8.00 Ct

    Shapes: Princess, Cushion, Radiant, Emerald, Asscher
    Size: 0.18 Ct to 4.17 Ct

    Shapes: Oval
    Size: 0.18 Ct to 7 Ct
  • Measurement time
    Starts from 3 minute per stone according to stone size and required output
  • Viewer can be integrated in different channels
    Sellers website
    Excel or other electronic chart
    Trade platforms
  • Quick download time
    Seconds from selecting a stone for view
  • Supported browsers
    IE 11
  • Supported devices