Diamond Imaging

Sarine™ diamond imaging technology presents an accurate, advanced image from every axis and angle. Sarine’s imaging products encompass all aspects of the diamond’s true character and quality, including appearance, cut, quality, light performance, inclusions, and more. Boost imaging precision and enhance customer confidence with Sarine’s next generation diamond imaging technology.

Diamond imaging that is accurate, true-to-life and reliable must be based on advanced technologies that do the job right. Sarine Loupe™ is Sarine’s signature diamond imaging product. A result of years of R&D, advanced optics and expertise in gemology, the Sarine Loupe™ scans the diamond and knits together thousands of virtual images to create a true rendition of the actual diamond in magnified detail. Sarine’s diamond imaging tool offers a range of view modes that enable virtual viewing of the diamond in accurate detail, as if holding it in your hand and viewing through a loupe. With Sarine Loupe™, the diamond is shown in Real View, which shows all the diamond actual birthmarks and inclusions, and Top View, which illustrates how the diamond looks when seen from above in fluorescent lighting, as if in a ring setting. ID Inscription View shows a magnified, accurate rendition of the diamond’s ID number inscribed on the girdle yet unable to be seen by the naked eye. It also shows any personal inscription that may have been laser engraved on the diamond. This helps to strengthen the customer’s confidence and connection to the diamond. And 3D View is a dynamic image that can be rotated on screen and at will, showing the diamond from every possible virtual angle. All diamond images are stored in the cloud, which means wholesale and retail customers can view diamonds virtually via Sarine Loupe™, even if the actual physical diamond is not physically in the store.

  • Sarine Loupe™

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