The DiaScribe® is the most cost-effective laser inscription system for diamonds available. It allows you to inscribe the diamond’s serial number for your protection and your customer’s confidence, brand it with your company name or logo, or add a personalized message. You can set any font or character-set to be used in the inscription and even create beautiful graphic inscriptions on the girdle of your polished diamonds. It is the fastest and most cost-effective way for you to create your unique signature on your diamonds!

Key Benefits

  • Fast and cost-effective
  • Identify and protect your diamond with its serial/certificate number
  • Brand your diamonds with your company logo
  • Offer your customer the option of a personalized message inscription
  • Diamond inscriptions available in virtually any language using any Windows® True-Type® font
  • Import any logo or image as *.bmp, *jpg, or *.gif file
  • Use the optional ‘Inscription Viewer’ feature for instant and automatic viewing of the inscribed stone
  • Supports inter-switchable lenses for varying required stone sizes

Technical Specifications

  • Text and logo sizes
    Maximum: unlimited (depending on the height of the girdle) Minimum: ~30 microns high (depending on the complexity of the character)
  • Speed (average time for inscribing 10 large characters)
    90 sec
  • Inscription line width
    5 microns (0.005 mm)
  • Marking areas on diamond
    Girdle only
  • Diamond shapes suitable for inscription
    Round Brilliant and all fancy shapes (some limitations apply to inscribing on extreme square corners)
  • Stone Sizes
    1 to 28 millimeters in diameter (approx. 0.01 to 70 polished carats) with
  • Multi Lens (ML) 1 to 28 mm with interchangeable lenses
    Lens #0: 13.0-28.0 mm
    Lens #1: 6.0–15.0 mm
    Lens #2: 4.0–9.0 mm
    Lens #3: 3.0–6.5 mm
    Lens #4: 1.0-3.5 mm
  • Single Lens (SL) 3 to 11 mm
    Available SL models for different stone sizes:
    3 to 15 millimeters in diameter on different machine models:
    SL #1.1: 6-15 mm
    SL #1.2: 5-11 mm
    SL #1.22: 4-9 mm
    SL #1.3: 3-6.5 mm