DiaMobile® XXL


Based on the global popularity and success of the DiaMobile® XL, DiaMobile® XXL is a mobile system for evaluating and planning of larger rough and polished diamonds sized up to 370 carats (37 mm). The new system utilizes the fast, accurate analysis capabilities of the DiaMobile technology adapted for the larger diamond segment, empowering dealers worldwide to optimize their buying and selling decisions in real time and boost potential revenue from this lucrative segment.

In addition to specializing in larger diamonds up to ~370 ct. (37mm), DiaMobile® XXL enables diamond scanning up to 30% faster than the standard XL device. Whether dealing with rough or polished diamonds, DiaMobile® XXL is a robust, lightweight and powerful device that’s simple to use yet delivers rapid, sophisticated results.

Key Benefits

  • Specially designed for larger diamonds - suitable for diamonds up to 370 ct. (37mm)
  • Faster Scanning - operates up to 30% faster than DiaMobile® XL for increased efficiency
  • Versatility - analysis of large diamonds at all planning and manufacturing stages
  • Advanced scanning tech - map grooves, holes and any other concave areas on the rough diamond’s surface using optional laser scanning & shadow mapping
  • Robust, yet mobile - connects to either a laptop or desktop computer via single USB connection

Technical Specifications

  • Stone Sizes
    12 - 37 mm
  • Accuracy
    Linear ± 20 microns ± 0.02 mm
  • Angular
    ± 0.2 degrees
  • Dimensions
    L: 30.6 cm, D: 12.4 cm, H: 8 cm
  • Weight
    2.99 kg