Sarine Color™


Sarine Automated Diamond Color Grading

In the realm of diamond grading, color evaluation often relies on the subjective judgment of a gemologist, who manually compares the diamond to a standard visual scale. This traditional method, while widely accepted, is subject to human error and inconsistency.

Sarine introduces a groundbreaking solution to this challenge with Sarine Color™. This automated color evaluation technology delivers lab-grade accuracy, offering a definitive and reliable color grade that surpasses the limitations of manual grading. But that’s not all. Sarine Color™ also grades the Fluorescence of diamonds, providing an even more comprehensive analysis.

Sarine Color™ represents a technological leap in color grading. It employs automated optic analysis and AI to accurately assess the color and fluorescence of a diamond, grading it with precision according to the globally recognized standard. This ensures a consistent and objective grade, free from the variability of human perception.

In essence, Sarine Color™ is revolutionizing the field of diamond color grading, offering unparalleled accuracy, objectivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Experience the next level of color grading with Sarine Color™.

Key Benefits

  • Definitive, reliable color and fluorescence grade
  • Accurate optic analysis of diamond color
  • Objective, lab-grade color evaluation
  • Efficient, automated color grading
  • Reduced manpower costs

Technical Specifications

  • Stone capture
    Shapes: Round Brilliant
    Size: 0.2ct. to 5ct.
  • Dimensions
    D: 37 cm; W: 48 cm; H: 45 cm
  • Weight
  • Operation temperature
  • Electrical
    110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Internet connection speed
    50Mbps and above