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Why Sarine?

Sarine is experiencing ongoing growth and development, particularly in the field of cloud based solutions. For IT and engineering professionals, Sarine’s R&D department offers a challenging work environment that nurtures creativity and teamwork.

The broad range of multidisciplinary Sarine products combines hardware (electronics, mechanics and optics), advanced algorithms and software, integrating the tangible-physical dimension and the virtual-synthetic dimension.

Software development handles complex systems (distributed and standalone) featuring 3D computation and presentation, image processing, machine learning and various web applications. The systems are mostly 24/7 cloud based, using leading global Cloud platforms.

Sarine’s SW team masters a large variety of technologies and stacks, including open source and Microsoft, and works with passion and innovation in order to make great products and happy customers. We are not committed to any specific technology and constantly look for the best technology that fits our needs.

The QA team is a key element of Sarine’s R&D department, with high-level responsibilities, including performance of hardware and software testing, writing automated tests, installations, and working closely with the customer care department in troubleshooting and problem solving.

World-leading Technology

Sarine provides skilled engineering professionals with a unique opportunity to work at the cutting edge of technology. Based on its registered patents and core technologies, Sarine has been at the forefront of the industry for 20 years, growing from one breakthrough to the next. Each time, Sarine has integrated new, exciting technologies that have transformed the diamond industry, from planning and production, to diamond analysis, imaging and trade.

Industry-leading Solutions

From mine to end consumer in the jewelry store or retail web site, nearly every diamond in the world has been touched by Sarine. Discover Sarine’s range of solutions developed by Sarine’s R&D group, covering the entire diamond pipeline:


  • High precision 3D measurement, enabling accurate diamond planning, optimization, manufacturing and grading.
  • Measurements & imaging systems that capture the various characteristics of polished diamonds and make them accessible globally to the diamond’s owner.
  • Cloud based systems that enable global traders to produce digital diamond reports, brand their diamonds and present the diamond’s story to end consumers on web & mobile devices.
  • Web based imaging & measurement solutions that enable diamond assessment and an evaluation of potential re-cut plans.
  • Detection of microscopic inner defects of a diamond with no physical manipulation of the stone.
  • High precision systems that support diamond cutting and polishing.
  • High accuracy laser marking & sawing of diamonds during the manufacturing process.

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  • Service Center Manager


    • Management of a service center that provides diamond scanning services on the Ramat Gan Stock Exchange.
    • Full responsibility for all services provided at the center in terms of hardware and software.
    • Customer service management at an excellent service standard with an emphasis on customer experience.
    • Responsibility for the array of laboratories, service, technicians and collection (debt).
    • Ability to lead projects and manage domestic and international processes.
    • Providing a solution to problems and interfaces with other departments (in Israel and abroad).
    • Overall responsibility for inventory and safety issues at the service center.
    • Creating a comfortable, respectful work environment that takes into account the needs of employees and promotes connection to the service center and the organization.
    • Service center budget management.
    • Management of staff and managers in mechanical, operational and service areas.
    • Ability to monitor and report outputs, capabilities such as fault status and issues for improvement.


    • Experience in managing a service center
    • Working with customers
    • Experience in leading and implementing processes.
    • Understanding of quality and SLA metrics.
    • Familiarity with the Priority system – an advantage
    • In-depth knowledge of Excel.
    • Excellent communication ability.
    • Attention to details.
    • Ability to make decisions and self-motivation
    • High level English
    • Management experience of employees – required
    • Experience in managing a profit and loss unit and commercial understanding – an advantage
    • Familiarity with the field of diamonds – an advantage.
  • Integrator

    תאור התפקיד:

    • אינטגרציה רב מערכתית למכונות אופטומכניות הכוללות אלקטרוניקה, תוכנה, אופטיקה ומכאניקה.
    • הרכבת קונפיגורציה סופית של מכונות וכיולן, איתור ותיקון תקלות, מדידות וכיול מכונות/מערכות משולבות מחשב ומבוססות תמונות תלת מימד + לייזרים.
    • עבודה בצמוד לפיתוח לקבל מוצרים חדשים לקו ייצור.
    • העבודה במשרדי החברה בהוד השרון.

    דרישות התפקיד:

    • ניסיון קודם של 7 שנים לפחות בהרכבת וכיול מכלולים של מערכות מדויקות, מכאניקה, אופטיקה ובקרה.
    • שליטה בישומי מחשב וטיפול במחשב ברמה של התקנת חומרה ומערכות הפעלה.
    • טכנאי/הנדסאי אלקטרוניקה/מכטרוניקה/מחשבים/מכונות/חשמל
    • יכולת ניתוח תקלות במערכת.
    • יכולת עבודה עצמאית.
    • אנגלית – ברמה טובה
    • חריצות, דיוק, מקצוענות.
    • יכולת קריאת שרטוטים מכאניים.
  • NPI Engineer

    תאור התפקיד:

    • העברה מפיתוח לייצור הכוללת עבודה צמודה עם מהנדסי המערכת בפיתוח – תכנון ג’יגים
    • ניהול תצורה – בניית תיקי מוצר ,עצי מוצר, הגדרות תצורה (למשל מבנה מק”טים – מכירה, FG, מכלולים, פריטים) משלב הפיתוח ואף לאחר יציאת המוצר לשוק
    • בקרת תיעוד לרכיבים ומוצרים (למשל RoHS)
    • ניהול שינויים – ECO, FCO, CCB
    • יעול תהליכי ייצור, איחוד מוצרים ומכלולים
    • הכנה ותכנון של תהליכים חדשים
    • הדרכות
    • עבודה בצמוד לפיתוח ולצוותי התפעול תוך השפעה על בניית המוצר ועיצובו בפיתוח
    • העבודה במשרדי החברה בהוד השרון ובשיתוף פעולה עם הצוות בדלתון

    דרישות התפקיד:

    • ניסיון קודם של 5 שנים לפחות בתפקיד דומה
    • מהנדס תעו”נ או מהנדס מכניקה/אלקטורניקה עם ניסיון מתאים
    • נסיון קודם בעבודה עם מערכות מולטידיסיפלינריות.
    • הבנה בתהליכי ייצור
    • הכרה רחבה עם סוגי שונים של פיתוח – כרטיסים, אופטיקה, אלקטרוניקה, מכניקה – יתרון
    • ניסיון בבקרת תצורה וניהול שינויים
    • ניסיון בעבודה עם SOLIDWORKS PDM
    • יכולת קריאה והבנת שרטוטים מכניים/אלקטרוניים
    • יכולת גבוהה לניהול מספר משימות רב במקביל
    • יכולת השפעה
    • אנגלית – ברמה גבוהה
    • חריצות, דיוק, מקצוענות
  • Team Lead for R&D

    Position summary

    This Team Lead will be a part of the R&D team and will take part in developing existing and new HW & SW applications and reviewing new technologies and improvements.



    • Highly motivated team player with great inter-personal capabilities.
    • Fast learner, ability to learn, adopt & deliver new technologies.
    • Mission focus – strive to deliver and get things done.


    Professional Skills

      • 3 years or more of proven experience in development team leadership
      • In-depth knowledge in Computer Science (degree or equivalent) and in distributed systems in particular.
      • Significant experience – 6 years or more – in development of desktop applications with cloud connectivity: application architecture and design, business logic implementation, data handling, UI, and Testing.
      • Experience with full development life cycle – from requirements, development and testing to production. Experience with SCRUM and Agile methodologies.
      • Experience in analyzing system architecture, holding a wide system architectural perspective.
      • Responsibility for non-functional requirements (security, reliability, performance, maintainability, scalability)
      • Ability to search, review and POC new technologies
    • Autodidact – stays up to date with current technologies, solutions and trends.
    • Ability to lead a technical area – from requirements, through planning and execution.
    • Hands on, intensive coding capabilities.
    • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues.
    • Ability to code-review and mentor developers.
    • Significant experience in the following technologies –
      • .Net framework, C#, WinForms
      • C++
      • Web API
      • WCF
      • ElasticSearch
      • Cloud related technologies and products.



    • Experience in coding with hardware components (Cameras, Engines, Sensors, etc.)
    • Experience with communication protocols.
    • Experience with AWS cloud services (EC2, S3, etc.)
    • Experience with MFC, Win32 API.
    • Experience with Image Manipulation.
    • Experience with Couchbase
    • Experience with Linux
    • Experience with scripting technologies (bash, powershell)
  • Testing Manager (Global)

    Position summary

    Testing Manager role is chartered to provide End-to-End global testing leadership accountability for all Sarine’s products including Automatic testing. The Manager is guiding the testers that are part of the Scrum Teams, mentoring the team, participate in assistance in building and using the Agile development environment infrastructure—including Continuous Integration—as well as integrating assets from Agile Teams.



    • Manage all the R&D Testing activities based on yearly plans
    • Be team player in the R&D Staff team
    • Focus on testing activities of Sarine’s main products, including new solutions under development, new systems and matured products in the field
    • Provide infrastructure support to achieve high quality deliveries, including Hands-On execution when needed
    • Establish and maintain infrastructure, including continuous integration based automated build testing
    • Enable support to create and sustain automated deployment processes.
    • Defining needs from the Development Scrum Teams to expose/support/design Automatic testing capabilities
    • Staff the teams with the capabilities to extend and maintain the manual and automatic testing coverage
    • Facilitate the technical aspects of collaboration with third parties, such as data or service providers, hosting facilities, etc.



    • Participate in R&D projects planning, and in backlog refinement to define integration and test capabilities-based features
    • Lead testers and participate in Scrum Teams Design Reviews
    • Grow the talents in the team to build a succession funnel
    • Lead design of System tests, including system non-functional testing
    • Deep understanding of the market needs and ability to translate them to testing coverage
    • Promote trust, openness and leverage external capabilities locally and globally



    • 5+ years of proven testing leadership and people management
    • Bachelor degree in Software Engineering / Electronics Engineering / System Engineering
    • Ability to lead System Testing Design discussions and to impact in SW Design discussions
    • Proven 4+ years of hands-on testing experience of systems (!)
    • Proven Agile Experience and relevant experience in its implementation
    • System aspect background/experience in developing/testing enterprise solutions – advantage
    • System wide skills and relevant experience – advantage
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with English fluency
  • Machine Operator

    Job Description

    A long-standing high-tech company in the field of diamonds needs a machine operator for an interesting and challenging position to provide service to our customers.

    Job requirements

    • Ability to work independently and in a team.
    • Service oriented
    • Technical orientation
    • Full control of office software
    • Good level of English – an advantage
    • Job scope – full time
  • Laboratory Field Service Technician

    Job description:

    Service technicians for an interesting and challenging role in providing service to our customers in software and hardware.
    Reaching the company’s customers, installing equipment, handling hardware and software malfunctions and providing a technical response by remote takeover.


    Job requirements:

    • Ability to work independently and in a team.
    • Strong customer service skills
    • Technically oriented
    • In-depth knowledge and expertise of office software
    • Mechanical and software background – advantage
    • Fluent in English – advantage
    • Mechanical/ Electrical/ Electronics Engineer – Advantage
  • Stockkeeper

    Job description:

    • Receive and receipt items
    • Collecting kits, distributing goods to the company’s departments
    • Issuing parts for kits and orders
    • Handling of defective parts
    • Inventory counts
    • Job Location – Hod Hasharon.


    • Experience in a computerized warehouse
    • Ability to work independently
    • Diligence, accuracy, professionalism
    • Good interpersonal skills and team working capabilities
    • Fluent in English – an advantage
    • Driving License

    General benefits:

    • Flexible working hours, with the possibility of overtime
    • Computerized workplace
    • Air-conditioned warehouse
    • Easy access to public transportation
    • Car parking
  • Experienced integrator to work with multidisciplinary systems

    Job description:

    • Multi-system integration for optomechanical machines that include electronics, software, optics, and mechanics
    • Assembling final configurations of machines and calibration, fault detection and correction, measurements and calibration of machines / systems that are computer-integrated and based on 3D images and lasers.
    • Work closely with the development team to get new products to the production line
    • Job Location – Hod Hasharon


    • Previous experience of at least 7 years in assembling and calibrating assemblies of precision systems, mechanics, optics, and control
    • Extensive knowledge and experience in computer applications and computer care at the level of hardware installation and operating systems
    • Technician / Practical Engineer Electronics / Mechatronics/ Computers / Machinery / Electricity
    • Troubleshooting and debugging system issues
    • Ability to work independently
    • Fluent in English
    • Diligence, accuracy, professionalism
    • Ability to read mechanical drawings
  • Algorithm developer

    Job Description:

    • Integration in a diverse team of algorithms developers (physicists, mathematicians, engineers) in diverse fields of image processing, computational geometry, statistics, machine learning, optimization, and data analysis.
    • Development of complex optical simulations, optimizations, and research in the field.
    • Writing algorithms in C ++ and Python in a Windows environment.


    • Master’s degree in Exact Sciences (Physics, Engineering, Computer Science)
    • Experience in optics – an advantage
    • Knowledge of 3D modeling / computational geometry – an advantage
    • Writing code in C++ – a must
    • Writing code in Matlab, Python- an advantage
    • Knowledge in CUDA- an advantage
    • Experience in machine learning and computer vision – an advantage
    • Ability to learn independently
    • Research skills
    • Teamwork Skills
    • 3+ years of proven experience in the industry
    • Full time
  • Experienced C++ Developer

    About Sarine

    Sarine’s technologies create value for everyone in the diamond industry: unlocking the value of rough diamonds for manufacturers, adding fascination to the consumer retail experience, and bringing unprecedented reliability through AI-based grading. https://youtu.be/2I88fWe5H0o


    Job Description

    In this position, you will be part of a fun-loving, diverse team that seeks challenges, loves learning and values teamwork. You will work in a dynamic and agile environment collaborate with team members and partners to build our flagship product, coding mainly in C++/MFC and also in C#/.NET, addressing a variety of challenges – 3D concepts, security issues, Interaction with algorithms, interfacing with HW, Application Logic and GUI.

    Job Requirements


    • Highly motivated
    • Team player, great inter-personal skills
    • Quick learner, capable to contribute quickly on existing code
    • Can work independently when needed


    • At least 4 years’ experience as SW developer.
    • Experienced in C++,  familiar with MFC
    • Experienced in Object Oriented Design
    • Mathematical approach and good 3D geometric approach
    • Familiar with .NET\ C#



    • Experience in 3D SW programing DirectX / OpenGL / CUDA
    • Experience in SW security/ Intelligence world
    • Experience in working with HW & drivers
    • Experience in  .NET\ C# , WPF , WCF
    • Experience in CLI (Managed C++ )
    • Experience in Elastic search
    • Distributed System and SOA exposure
    • Immediate availability.
  • System Engineer

    Job description:

    • Work as part of the R&D team on multidisciplinary systems combining mechanics, control, optics, software, and lead strategic projects
    • Knowledge of technologies and the products’ requirements
    • Develop current products and test new technologies
    • System Engineering
    • Project Management
    • Characterize system requirements and write technical specifications
    • Plan, define and perform experiments to verify design and system’s performance
    • Write documentation and procedures

    General requirements:

    • Team player with excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    • Highly motivated
    • Quick learner with the ability to quickly adapt and lead existing projects
    • Strategic and creative thinking
    • Ability to work independently and manage activities with other departments / contractors in all disciplines
    • Hebrew and English proficiency (verbal and writing)


    • Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in Engineering / Electronics / Physics
    • 2-5 years of proven experience in development of multidisciplinary systems, system engineering and project management
    • Background in electro-optics
    • Advantage – experience in writing software ++C, #C, MATLAB, LabView, Zemax
    • Advantage – experience in precision motion control and drive systems, ACS’s Servo systems
    • Advantage – experience in image processing.
    • Advantage – experience working with lasers that includes:
      • Characterization of requirements
      • Knowledge of measuring equipment
      • Laser performance testing and analysis