Hearts & Arrows

Hearts & Arrows is a distinctive kaleidoscopic pattern revealed inside the polished diamond.

It displays 8 symmetrical arrow shapes when viewing the diamond from the top (table view), and 8 symmetrical heart shapes when viewing the diamond from the bottom (pavilion view). The more precise the diamond’s cut and polish, the more symmetrical and perfect the Hearts & Arrows pattern is revealed to be.

The Hearts & Arrows concept was first discovered in Japan in the 1980s. When the style came to America in the 1990s, there were already set guidelines for diamond cutters on how to achieve this unique and desirable pattern.

Hearts & Arrows demands high levels of precision and perfection in diamond polishing, and an ideal Hearts & Arrows pattern is extremely rare. This is why Hearts & Arrows diamonds are highly prized and relatively expensive.

The Hearts & Arrows rendition featured in Sarine Profile™ is based on Sarine’s world-leading DiaMension® cut and symmetry analysis technology. It offers a highly accurate image of the cut and symmetry of the diamond, reflected in the diamond’s unique Hearts & Arrows pattern.

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