Social & Corporate Responsibility

At Sarine™, corporate and social responsibility is part and parcel of our everyday lives. We fully understand that the economic and social choices we make affect the lives of our stakeholders, partners, customers, employees and communities.

We are committed to fair business principles and the fair treatment of our partners, customers and employees. We provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and safe and beneficial products for our customers.

Corporate Responsibility

Our human resources policies protect the rights of our employees, as mandated by all applicable laws.

We maintain strict policies with regard to fairness and equality in the workplace, to provide a safe and amicable environment for all our employees, regardless of sex, race, religious belief or heritage.

We strive to offer our employees engaging career paths, providing professional training where appropriate.

We maintain and encourage open communication between our employees and management levels.

We reward our employees for their contribution to the company’s success with cash bonuses, grants of options or otherwise.

We organize numerous annual sports and leisure events for our employees and their families to enhance our team spirit and reward them for their accomplishments.

Social Responsibility

In order to ensure safe operation, our products and services undergo strict checks, which are periodically revisited by our own engineers or third-party experts. Operating instructions and/or training are provided, as applicable, with regard to the proper and safe use of our products and, where necessary, built-in safeguards are provided to prevent non-intentional dangerous use or damage to the goods processed.

Wherever applicable, we ourselves employ and likewise instruct our customers on the necessary measures for the safe and environmentally friendly use and disposal of hazardous materials, as per international standards and directives from appropriately authorized expert consultants.

Giving Back to Our Community

At Sarine™ our community is important to us. We find it essential to support those less fortunate – including children with disabilities, disadvantaged families, the elderly and the ill. Every year, Sarine’s employees participate in the national Good Deeds Day. Below are some of the efforts to which we have contributed.