January 2018

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SPECTRUM – Voices from the Diamond Industry #20

This year, what trends shaped the diamond industry? Which technologies made the cut and helped us enhance the industry? What clarity did we get on transparency and security for diamonds around the world? And… which fashions and designs colored our lives and brought new designers into the eye of the diamond consumer? In this SPECTRUM DIAMOND BLOG, we take a look at the last trending articles about the diamond industry for this year. Enjoy!


This is the Average Engagement Ring Spend in 2017

By Sophie Ross

A look back at 2017 shows the newest stats regarding millennial habits when it comes to engagement rings. In the US, more and more couples are sticking to traditional proposals, but only a surprising 1/3 are actually a surprise. Find out more interesting facts about this year’s newly engaged couples here.


Why So Many Get Engaged Around Christmas (and Why You May Not Want To)

By Roxanne Roberts

Despite the many joyful reasons as to why there is an uptick in proposals leading up to Christmas and the New Year, there are plenty of reasons to not make your move during the holidays. In this article, find out if now is the best time for you to pop the question.


Rapaport Launches Diamond Trade’s First Podcast

By Rapaport News

In this new podcast by Rapaport, the company features exciting discussions about developments shaping the diamond and jewelry market, including a special interview with diamond-marketing veteran Sally Morrison. Click to hear the podcast.


20% Increase in Rough Diamond Revenue Despite Waning Consumer Demand

By Nadia Lepak

In an exciting turn of events for the diamond world, the annual report from the Antwerp World Diamond Centre showed that producers saw a 20% rise in sales in 2016 from the year before. Read the full report here.


Jewellery Trends

By Rachael Taylor

This year brought with it plenty new and exciting modern jewellery trends. Designs such as double sided or mismatched earrings, ‘rolling’ diamonds, trapped diamonds and others have brought even more creativity and expression to the world of jewellery this year. View selected collections in this article.

See you in 2018 for more diamond industry news and more at the Sarine Diamond Blog!

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All the Duchess’s Bling: Royal Wedding Jewelry Roundup

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Mother’s Day Wrap Up – Do Moms Really Want Diamond Jewelry?

This week, most countries around the world celebrated Mother’s Day, the traditional day of appreciation for moms (and mums). Like many holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas, Mother’s Day has turned into a highly commercialized celebration, a busy time for retailers of flowers, chocolates, and of course, jewelry. In fact, this year, the forecast […]

New Software Version Release: Advisor® 7.5, the Leader in Rough Planning

Last year, we announced the release of Advisor® 7.0, the latest version of the world’s leading Advisor rough planning software. Advisor is used globally by diamond planners and manufacturers to achieve the best possible polished yield from rough diamonds. Advisor 7.0 included some groundbreaking new features, such as CAP, Customized Automated Planning, which enables planners […]

Guide to Fancy Color Diamonds

Following on from our recent Guide to the 4Cs post, we’re going to take a dive into the beautiful world of fancy color diamonds. Diamonds are usually thought of as the crystal clear, white sparkling gemstone so closely associated with love and commitment. But diamonds occur naturally in an entire rainbow of colors. Before we […]

SPECTRUM – Diamond Industry News #22

If you’re new to our SPECTRUM series, welcome aboard! Every now and again, we bring you a roundup of the latest diamond industry news, and we publish it here at The Diamond Blog. Whether it’s a diamond retail trend making waves, a scientific discovery about diamonds, or an insider view of the industry, we scour […]

Which Diamond? How the Diamond Buyer Decides

There are millions of polished diamonds in the world. Yet at the end of the day, each diamond buyer will eventually find the diamond that is just right for them. If you think about it for a moment, it’s almost like choosing a romantic partner. Given the sentimental association between love and diamonds, it’s a […]

How Diamonds Can Change the World – and Not Just Your Marital Status

Recently, diamonds have been a hot topic in science news. Every week, it seems that there is yet another scientific breakthrough showing how diamonds are much more than just a beautiful gemstone. From medicine to deep space and deep earth, diamonds are proving their worth as a powerful agent for change in civilization. From the […]

4 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends that Will Surprise You

Diamonds have long been associated with engagement and marriage – but perhaps not as long as you think. The diamond engagement ring is in fact a modern, specifically western phenomenon. Diamond rings were first linked to marriage only in the late 1930s, when De Beers hired the NW Ayer advertising agency to convince young women […]

artificial intelligence diamonds

How Artificial Intelligence Leads to Smarter Diamond Grading

Are you using artificial intelligence based technology? The chances are strong. According to one survey, 33% of consumers think they are using AI technology, but in fact 77% are. Whether you know it or not, artificial intelligence is the latest technological revolution sweeping through modern life. AI, or machine learning, is now being implemented in […]

Advanced 3D Modeling: A New Edge in Rough Planning

The first step in automated planning of rough diamonds is accurate 3D modelling of the rough diamond surface. Rough diamonds have a complex texture that includes convex and concave surfaces, and are difficult to model accurately. Current technologies for modeling the rough diamond surface are limited in terms of accuracy. They do not necessarily pick […]