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Discover gemstone planning that takes your gemstone processing to new levels of efficiency. Allegro™ is a state-of-the-art device that provides automated, highly accurate evaluation, planning and shaping of rough gemstones. Gemstone planning based on advanced 3D laser mapping technology, Allegro measures the rough gem and creates a range of cutting plans based on the price list of shapes and sizes. Then Allegro selects the best value plan and grinds the rough stone to the optimal shape for the final cutting and polishing process.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the manual gemstone production process, Allegro is proven to deliver improved shaping uniformity while reducing the manufacturing cycle and maximizing the value of the rough stone. For gemstone planning professionals and manufacturers, this translates to increased quality and yield of polished gems, for significantly enhanced productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Best value planning – evaluates dozens of plan options concurrently
  • Operates based on 3D computer model that chooses the best plan
  • Incorporates holes and grooves in planning
  • Plans according to guidelines of the gemstone manufacturer
  • Grinds according to set size or maximum yield
  • Grinding at an accuracy level that cannot be achieved by manual shaping
  • Capability to produce identical stones at micron level of accuracy
  • Produces large numbers of identical stones

Technical Specifications

  • Stone Sizes
    2 – 28mm (Rough size)
  • Materials
    Precious & semi-precious gemstones (Hardness 6.5-9.0 Moh)
  • Calibration Options
    Calibrated size and free size
  • Accuracy
    100 microns
  • Service Centers
    India - Jaipur
    Thailand - Bangkok

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