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Sarine to Introduce eGrading™

Sarine's unique cloud-linked Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven 4Cs solution to enable industry-first on-site self-grading. Sarine is proud to announce another revolutionary innovation – eGrading™ - self-executed polished diamond 4Cs grading by value-chain industry players (manufacturers, wholesalers and even retailers) on-site at their own facilities utilizing Sarine's AI-driven cloud-linked technologies. Sarine today ... read more

ALROSA Enhances Clients Experience by Implementing Sarine’s Digital Technologies for Their Rough Diamond Trade

Sarine is pleased to announce cooperation with ALROSA, implementing Sarine's DiaExpert® 3D-mapping, Galaxy® inclusion scanning and other technology to augment ALROSA’s rough diamond auctions with detailed information pertaining to the offered rough stones. During the October 2019 trading period, ALROSA, for the first time, offered its clients to participate in Digital Tenders, where a full digital scan of each rough diamond was ... read more

Sarine to Adapt Automated 4Cs Grading to Tiffany & Co. Requirements

Sarine is pleased to announce that it is working with Tiffany & Co. (“Tiffany”) to adapt its automated artificial intelligence (AI) based grading technology to Tiffany’s stringent grading guidelines and criteria. The aim to perfect the way diamonds are graded and to ensure consistent and accurate grading is a key element in securing consumers’ trust in diamonds. Over the past few years Sarine has invested significant ... read more

China’s National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC) and Sarine Sign Strategic Framework

Sarine Technologies Ltd. and NGTC are pleased to announce that they have signed a strategic framework at NGTC’s headquarters in Beijing on September 16, 2019. The National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC), the Gems & Jewelry Administrative Center of MNR of P.R. China, is the leading gemological laboratory in China. The strategic framework aims to advance diamond grading standards to the highest level of accuracy and ... read more

Sarine Technologies Launches Advanced Lab Services at Bharat Diamond Bourse for BDB Members

The Sarine Lab Services at BDB provide pregrading to ascertain Light/Cut grade for sorting purposes and are provided for free. If a report is required, this can be obtained with an additional fee. Light Performance results are analyzed via the Sarine Light™ system and Cut grade measurement is determined with the Sarine DiaMension ® HD system. The new Sarine Lab Services were officially launched on August 12 th at a Grand ... read more

Sarine CEO, David Block, Featured in The New Jeweller Magazine

Albert Robinson, Vice President The New Jeweller International Media Group, interviews David Block, CEO Sarine Technologies, on the current state of the Diamond sector and the future trends that will help bring back the sheen to the Natural Diamond sector. He also opines on the importance of generic marketing concerning Natural Diamond Industry and talks on the recently launched fully automated Diamond grading laboratory using ... read more

Avraham Eshed Named 2019 Israel Diamond Industry Dignitary

Avraham Eshed, a veteran Israeli diamond manufacturer, will be named an Israel Diamond Industry Dignitary for the year 2019. The biennial Israel Diamond Industry Dignitary Awards aim to recognize and honor those men and women who have advanced and promoted Israel’s diamond industry, at home and abroad. Eshed is unique in the Israeli diamond and gemstone landscape, as he developed his equally successful diamond and colored ... read more

Sarine Offers Revolutionary 3D Jewellery Imaging Solution

Using innovative technology from Israeli start-up Verto, Sarine will enable retailers to provide stunning video imagery and customer customization and personalization of jewelry with no capital investment. Sarine is pleased to announce that it is now offering a new simple, automated, and extremely cost-effective imaging and visualization service with interactive personalization functionality to jewelry suppliers and ... read more

Sarine Introduces 3D-Origin™ Accurate Model of Original Rough Diamond

Sarine announces the launch of yet another innovative sales tool for retailers - the 3D-Origin™, a 3D-printed accurate model of the rough diamond from which the Sarine Journey™-verified polished diamond was derived.  An optional add-on to the Sarine Diamond Journey™, the 3D-Origin™ model replicates the rough diamond’s actual form, enhancing the in-store and post-store customer experience. Jewelry ... read more

NEW ART CIMA Ltd. Introduces Sarine Diamond Journey™

Japan's leading bridal jewellery retail chain,  NEW ART CIMA Ltd., is introducing the Sarine Diamond Journey™ provenance solutions as a centrepiece of its new marketing campaign and consumer experience. The Sarine Diamond Journey™ focuses on the story of the diamond from its origin and rough structure until its final polished form. The company is also introducing Sarine's latest exciting enhancement to the Sarine ... read more