Choosing your Diamond

A diamond is a precious and valuable gift for you or your loved one. So choosing your perfect diamond is essential with many factors to be considered.

A diamond comes in many shapes, colors, qualities and sizes. Once selecting the type of jewelry, and identifying the size of diamond desired, the key is to set your budget and then choose the right diamond based on personality and lifestyle.

Traditionally, diamonds were chosen based on the 4C’s: Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut. The 4C’S measure various characteristics of the diamond, more closely associated with its rarity than its beauty, which impact its value.

Today, due to advanced technology we are able to accurately evaluate the beauty of the diamond by measuring its unique Light Performance.   A diamond’s Light Performance is determined by the way the light reflects out of the table (top) of the diamond, back to the viewer’s eye, as well as by the dance of the sparkle and colored flashes it creates. Knowing your diamond’s Light Performance, assures you that you purchased the most beautiful diamond possible within your budget.

When choosing your diamond ask for a Sarine Light Performance Report for added confidence.