December 2017

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Four Ways to Tell the Diamond Story

The power of storytelling is universal. Who doesn’t have a favorite childhood story that brings back fond memories? The way to consumers’ hearts is by telling a story that moves and excites them. This is true in the diamond jewelry market, as much as any other. Every jewelry brand and every diamond needs a story that potential buyers can connect with and relate to. Here are four ways to create the best diamond story for your customers:

1. Make the Story a Happy One

Ever wondered about the proliferation of cute baby animal pictures on social media? A Japanese study proves that people demonstrated improved performance on detail-oriented tasks after viewing cuddly animal pictures. Moreover, research has shown that marketing a product with an inspiring, positive story is more likely to resonate with the customer.

When it comes to selling diamonds, the story is all about love, beauty – and of course, the diamond’s value. Light performance grading is an effective way to create a beautiful story about the diamond. Light performance is a measure of the diamond’s unique interaction with light. Each diamond has a different light performance, depending on the diamond’s cut, size, proportions, natural birthmarks and flaws. In showing the diamond’s individual light performance, you are telling a powerful story of the diamond’s visual appearance. It sure beats a dry, technical diamond report.

2. But Not Too Happy

Fluffy kittens are adorable, but it’s not quite that simple. Any successful story, whether a children’s fairytale, bestselling novel or product story, must be authentic, deep and true. It must come from the heart. But not every story is perfect, with a cut-and-dried happy ending.

The very same is true of diamonds. Formed naturally over billions of years, under immense pressure, most diamonds show some kind of flaw. Truly flawless diamonds are rare, and expensive. How do you sell a diamond that is not perfect or flawless? Although most people love fairytales, they also understand intuitively that life is more complex and nuanced than that. In fact, it is in the varied nuances of life that genuine excitement and beauty is found. That’s a great way to approach selling diamonds. Accurate diamond imaging that shows the diamond’s unique pattern of inclusions and flaws can be leveraged on the sales floor to tell a one-of-a-kind story.

3. It Must Be a True Story

Have you ever come across a company whose founder has a quirky or relatable personal story? Check out the story of the founder of Do, the raw cookie dough chain that has taken the US by storm. Her childhood story only makes the brand sweeter. It gives a face to the brand, and also reflects its cultures and values in her persona.

Why are CEO stories so effective? They turn a branded business into a real life story, something the customer can care about. But in order to truly make an impact, the story must be authentic. The same applies to diamonds. Today’s consumers are informed, passionate and opinionated. They won’t respond to cheesy sales pitches or smoothing over the diamond’s flaws. They want the real deal. This is why it is critical that the diamond report you provide be based on the most accurate, reliable diamond data available today.

4. You Have to Tell It Everywhere Your Customers Are

If you’re going to tell a diamond story, tell it to your customers where they are. And where are they? Online, and mostly on their mobile phones.

In order to be accessible and effective, the diamond story must be three things:

  • Interactive: Customers need action and stimulation to feel engaged with a product. Gamification, videos and dynamic images are a great way to make your customers interact with the diamond story.
  • Mobile responsive: According to research, American adults spend an average of 4 hours a day on their smartphones. If you want to tell the diamond story to customers, make sure they can access it on their mobile phones, and make sure it provides a comfortable user experience.
  • Shareable: Did you know that 47% of millennials use social media to make purchase decisions? And consumers who use social media as part of the shopping experience are four times more likely to purchase? Make the diamond story a story that customers can share, via social media, chat apps and email.


The Sarine Profile™ report is a digital diamond story that covers all these angles. To find out more about Sarine Profile™ and the new expanded 4Cs and diamond authentication service, click here or contact us.


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