February 2019

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5 Diamond & Jewelry Trends for 2019

We’re already well into the year, but 2019 is shaping up to be a bold one in diamonds and jewelry. Designers are pushing the envelope with new, creative styles, and reaching back to revive retro trends. Whether it’s a new fancy diamond shape, an engagement ring worn on the pinky, or a chunky chain of heavy yellow gold, 2019 is definitely the year to be daring and different. Check out these five trends in diamonds and jewelry that we are seeing so far this year:

Tri-Stone Rings

We’ve got Meghan Markle to thank for this one. Diamond rings featuring three stones – a larger center stone flanked by two smaller stones – are all the rage at the moment. The Duchess of Sussex’s engagement ring is one of the reasons this look is so popular. The Duchess’s ring features a center diamond sourced from Botswana, with two smaller diamonds on either side taken from the collection of the late Princess Diana. There are variations to the three-stone look, including the combination of a colored gemstone flanked by white diamonds. Also, there is the option to use a natural diamond as the main center stone, while saving costs by using lab-grown diamonds as the secondary diamonds. With three stones, you’ve definitely got more room to personalize your design (and budget).


Large & Long Earrings

This trend was already noticeable last year, but it’s continuing to build momentum in 2019. Large, bold or statement earrings that turn heads are very popular. There are a wide range of styles, such as long, shoulder-grazing chandeliers, huge hoops, large mismatched earring styles, and even earrings that are mismatched in size. This new earring trend is a real rule breaker, giving daring jewelry designers the freedom to create truly incredible sculptural styles.

Pinky Rings

Here’s another trend that’s not new to this year, but is certainly growing in style and flair. Pinky rings are great because they are so versatile. Pinky rings are suitable for both women and men; they are also a good choice for ‘anti-engagement’ rings to flaunt your self love. They come in an incredibly wide range of styles, and they have a timeless appeal that never seems to fade. Although designed for the smallest finger, pinky rings are not necessarily small in stature – rapper Gucci Mane was recently seen sporting a diamond pinky ring of 35 carats worth over $1 million.

Fancy – and Unique – Shapes

As diamond cutting technologies get more advanced, and designers get more daring, new fancy shapes are appearing on the market and they are causing quite a stir. While the round brilliant is always a classic favorite, fancy shaped diamonds are also popular, particularly for those looking for a different diamond vibe. Beyond the fancy diamond shapes that are familiar to the market, like princess, oval, emerald and even heart shapes, there are really different cuts and shapes popping up from time to time. For example, check out this ‘half moon’ shape from designer Selin Kent. Also, some designers are using diamonds in creative ways to create new visual excitement. How about this sharp pointed diamond shape beauty.

Thick Gold Chains

Bold, thick and chunky – exaggerated gold chains, for necklaces, bracelets and even earrings,  are a growing trend. Huge interlocking loops with a retro flair have been popular since last year, inspired by high designers like Chanel and Versace. And if one chunky gold bracelet is not enough, why not stack them and make an even bolder statement? Whether box chain, interlocking hoops or a thick snake, it’s time to get back on the gold chain gang.


Fashions in diamonds and jewelry don’t happen overnight; they evolve over time. These five trends for 2019 were starting to show in varying degrees already last year, but they are now picking up momentum, and we can expect to see these and more in jewelry store windows in the year ahead. What will be next in fine jewelry fashion? The only limit is our imagination.

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