August 2018

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Sarine Loupe™ Launches New Diamond Imaging View Modes

A diamond is laden with emotional and economic significance, yet more than anything else, it is a visual experience. A diamond’s beauty is not just symbolic – it is very real. It is a result of the diamond’s individual 4Cs features, as well as the way it interacts with light – its ‘light performance’. It is also a consequence of the way it has been set in a jewelry piece, and, of course, a diamond’s beauty is based on the personal tastes and preferences of the viewer.

Realizing the importance of an accessible and accurate visual experience, which does not require expert equipment, such as a loupe or tweezers, Sarine developed the Sarine Loupe™ digital diamond imaging system, which launched in 2011.

Sarine Loupe™ – Accurate Diamond Imaging

The Sarine Loupe, available at Sarine Technology Labs, Sarine service centers and diamond manufacturers around the world, is an advanced device that uses optics technology to take multiple scans of the diamond, from every possible angle. The software then knits these images together to create a complete, virtual image of the diamond that accurately represents the way the diamond appears in different settings, including its inclusions and all gemological aspects. The diamond image is stored as a digital file that can be shared online, via email, chat and social media.

Sarine Loupe has traditionally offered 4 different view modes, providing a variety of visual perspectives to help the viewer understand the diamond’s unique appearance and features:

  • Real View: This shows the way the diamond appears and sparkles in a natural light setting, just as if you were wearing the diamond in a jewelry piece or on your hand.
  • Top View: This view shows the diamond from the top (crown), as if being viewed in fluorescent lighting, showing the diamond’s features and birthmarks.
  • ID Inscription View: An enlarged view of the diamond’s ID inscription as engraved on the girdle. This helps assure that the diamond’s accompanying certificate is the correct one.
  • 3D View: A fully dynamic, rotatable image of the diamond from 360 degrees. When viewing the image on a touchscreen device, the user can rotate the diamond with his/her finger to any position, giving complete control of the viewing experience.

In addition to these view modes, there are two additional view modes currently launching. These are designed to expand the capabilities of the Sarine Loupe and provide a new presentation of the diamond that meets current consumer demands.

More Ways to See and Sell Diamonds

The Sarine Loupe Pavilion View was launched this month, and Girdle View will be released later this year.

Pavilion View

Pavilion View presents a view of the diamond as it rotates on its pavilion. The beauty of Pavilion View is two-fold: first, the position of the diamond is natural and instinctive, as if it were laying on a counterpad. Second, the optics required to create this view lend a clear and vibrant appearance to the diamond, both accurate and attractive, which is eminently suited to a retail sales setting.

Pavilion View is initially available for Round, Princess, Cushion, Radiant, Emerald, Asscher, Pear, Marquise and Heart shaped diamonds.

New diamond imaging: Pavilion View screenshot in Sarine Profile

Girdle View*

Scheduled for release later this year, Girdle View presents a dynamic image of the diamond resting vertically on its girdle, turning in a complete circle. This enables the viewer to see the underside of the diamond, including pavilion and culet, as well as the table and both side views.

Girdle View screenshot in Sarine Profile


Click to preview the Pavilion and Girdle Views for various diamond shapes:





*Girdle View pending; only available later this year.

A Word About 3D

3D View, which provides a dynamic, rotatable and interactive visualization, is the most technologically sophisticated view of a virtual diamond. It is compatible for a wide range of diamond shapes, including Round, Cushion, Princess, Radiant, Oval, Emerald and Asscher. 3D View is a true, fully 3D mode that – while incredibly advanced for the needs of professional diamond graders and traders – may not necessarily provide the experience desired by the lay customer.

Click here to experience a sample Sarine Profile digital report, including Loupe 3D, the advanced 360-degree view.

Pavilion and Girdle View – Part of Sarine Profile™ Digital Reports

The Sarine Loupe is one of several Sarine devices used to scan diamonds for the Sarine Profile digital report. The data extracted from the scans form the basis of the information provided in the diamond report.

Sarine reports already offer the Diamond Imaging component, which includes the standard View Modes provided by Sarine Loupe. Now the report is expanding to include the Pavilion View, and later the Girdle View, as part of the modular Sarine Profile report package.


Want to know more about the new Loupe view modes and Sarine reports? Contact your Sarine sales rep today.

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