February 2019

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The Sarine Diamond Journey™ Provenance Report Goes to Africa

Recently, it was announced that a leading diamond manufacturer in Africa, Schachter & Namdar, has adopted the Sarine Diamond Journey™ provenance reports for its two exclusive diamond brands – Brilliant Rose and Proudly South African. This announcement comes at a time when diamond traceability and provenance are the fastest-growing issues in the diamond industry.

Today, more and more consumers are demanding reliable information about the diamond before they purchase. Modern customers want to know whether their diamond is natural, which mine it was sourced from, the rough stone from which it was produced, details about the factory where it was manufactured, the date of its creation, as well as a host of information about the diamond’s unique features and gradings.

The Sarine Diamond Journey provenance reports will provide all this information for these two prestigious diamond brands produced in Africa and sold all around the world. More than diamond information, the Sarine Diamond Journey report tells the individual story of each diamond, and brings the unique beauty and character of the diamond brand to the fore.


Brilliant Rose – An African Journey of Perfect Brilliance

The Brilliant Rose brand is based on the intricate, advanced Brilliant Rose diamond cut that was developed in 1995 and inspired by the famous Rose window of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.


The Rose Window at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, the inspiration for the Brilliant Rose diamond


The rough diamonds used to create the Brilliant Rose collection are sourced from Kimberlite rock in southern Africa. The diamonds found in this rock were passed through volcanic pipes to the earth’s surface, after which they advanced down the Orange River to the Atlantic Ocean. From there, these rare rough diamonds were carried north to the seabed off Namibia’s desert coast. They are known as alluvial diamonds. Alluvial diamonds have a superb quality and beautiful shape, even in rough form. For this reason they are highly sought after.

A modified round brilliant with 66 facets, Brilliant Rose diamonds display enhanced return of light with maximum brilliance that is visibly noticeable. When viewed from above through a proportion scope, one can see a perfect rose pattern – hence the name “Brilliant Rose”.

This complete story is captured in the Sarine Diamond Journey provenance report for each diamond in the Brilliant Rose collection. During the sales process in store, the Sarine Diamond Journey report – available in digital or printed format – provides a powerful tool to tell this unique and fascinating story of the diamond to potential buyers. It also assures the buyer of the true origin of the diamond, displaying the actual rough diamond from which it was produced, and providing images of the specific diamond’s actual cutting plan that was used in its transformation from rough to polished.

Proudly South African – A Proud & Precise Provenance

The Sarine Diamond Journey reports are also being implemented for Schachter & Namdar’s Proudly South African diamond brand.  “Proudly South African” is an initiative of the South African government, to promote national companies and economic growth. The Proudly South African seal is only awarded to products and companies that meet the exacting standards of the program. Every Proudly South African diamond is inscribed with the PSA logo on the girdle, visible at x10 magnification.

The South African origin of the diamonds in this exclusive collection is told in the Sarine Diamond Journey report, as well as images of the original rough diamond from which the polished diamond was produced, the actual planning image of the rough stone, the rough diamond’s weight, the polished diamond’s creation date, the country and source of origin, and the name and address of the factory where the diamond was manufactured, verifying that the diamond was ethically sourced and produced and was not treated or enhanced in any way, according to the BPP (Best Practice Principles) standards of DeBeers’ Diamond Trading Corporation (DTC), as well as much more information about the 4Cs and other diamond data.

With the Sarine Diamond Journey report, Schachter & Namdar is facilitating the world’s first verifiable traceability solution for these two exclusive African diamond collections.


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