December 2016

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Diamond Memes: A Fun Top 5 Guide

Diamonds have been an icon in our popular culture for over half a century – from “Diamonds are Forever”, to “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”, to this year’s “Real is Rare” campaign. It’s no surprise then that a multitude of diamond quotes and diamond memes have cropped up over time. Sometimes funny, sometimes meaningful and sometimes downright ridiculous, jewelry retailers can use diamond memes as part of their social media advertising, highlighting the beauty and meaning of diamonds in a catchy way.

So, just for fun, we’ve selected the top 5 diamond memes and diamond quotes that tickled our fancy. Enjoy!

1. From ugly piece of coal to beautiful diamond

The idea that a diamond is formed under immense pressure is an allegory for life. Pressure is what makes us strong, beautiful and unbreakable, right? Never mind that diamonds don’t really come from coal. It’s a powerful meme anyway!


















Credit: http://weknowmemes.com/tag/coal-turned-to-diamond/


2. Rihanna and the myth of the shining diamond

Rihanna’s 2012 hit song “Diamonds” features the oft-sung phrase “shine bright like a diamond”. This has spawned dozens of memes about the fact that diamonds don’t really shine – they reflect light and interact with it. That’s what really causes the diamond’s sparkle and brilliance. It’s all about Light performance, but we wouldn’t expect Rihanna to know that, would we!




















Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/311733605431690564/

3. Confucius says: diamond flaws are beautiful

Aw, isn’t it sweet? A diamond with flaws is more precious than a plain perfect stone. Well, we wouldn’t argue with Confucius! Every diamond is unique, with its own story to tell. Its flaws and inclusions are just part of its individual character. This meme is kind of stating the obvious, but – again – it’s a feel-good life message attributed to the iconic Confucius, told via the iconic diamond. We like it!





















Credit: https://quotesgram.com/img/famous-diamond-quotes/10431082/

4. Titanic and that famous, huge diamond

No diamond meme round-up is complete without mention of the “Heart of the Ocean”, a fictional 56-carat blue diamond that is at the center of the story in the 1997 blockbuster film “Titanic”. But maybe truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and it turns out there really was a diamond saved from the Titanic that fateful night. No matter, it’s a fun meme with a pop-culture twist!

















Credit: p://thefw.com/titanic-memes/

5. Diamonds – and Oprah – making everyone happy

Ever watched that episode of The Oprah Show where she surprises every member of the audience with a free car? The sheer joy and disbelief is palpable. Well, imagine if Oprah were to give each audience member a diamond. Go on, it’s a fun way to spend a few seconds, dreaming of a free diamond. This hilarious diamond meme will help you!














Credit: http://generator-meme.com/new-memes/oprah-you-get-a-car_567581040fcb65068/


Memes can be a cheap, effective advertising tool for diamond and jewelry retailers. They have terrific, attention-grabbing appeal, particularly to the millennial generation. And if your meme hits the right note, it could even go viral on social media, giving you fantastic promotional power for your brand. There are loads of meme creation apps for Android and iOS, and online meme generators to help you create a memorable diamond meme. All you need is a sense of humor!




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