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Are you passionate about innovation? Do you want to be part of a challenging yet fun environment?

At Sarine™, we work as a team creating world-leading solutions for the diamond and gemstone industry. Over the years we have established our brand as the foremost company in our field and became a secure, steady, successful publicly traded company. Sarine offers comprehensive employee benefits, an employee stock option plan for senior employees and various team-building fun activities including monthly brunches, annual barbecues and company vacations, domestic or abroad, etc. In turn, we seek experienced skillful people with dedication and determination who can also fit in with our team’s core values.

Sarine’s multi-disciplinary, innovative technology includes applications in hardware (electronics, mechanics and optics) and software, including advanced algorithms development, graphic interfaces (3D, image processing, etc), cloud based solutions and web front-ends. 


Although our primary technology is .NET and C++, we are not religious about Microsoft technologies and we constantly look for the best technology that fits our needs. We use C# and ASP.NET MVC/Web API on the server, SQL Server as a datastore. On the front end, we use jQuery and a bit of AngularJS. We heavily rely on a big number of AWS services in our technological solutions (S3, EC2, SQS, Cloud Front) as they are built to scale and handle vast amount of users using our systems and vast amount of data which we process for our customers.


If you think you have what it takes to join our team, please send us your CV to

*All the positions published on this website are intended for both men and women.


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