Advisor™ (Tenders)



Advisor™ (Tenders) is the world’s most widely used rough planning software, integrating internal inclusion scanning information, geometrical 3D analyses and the evaluation of a multitude of parameterized solutions to optimize your yield and profit. When using Advisor you can be confident you will be getting an optimal polishing plan for maximum value based on Carat weight, Cut and symmetry, as well as Clarity.

Together with DiaMobile™ XL and DiaScan™ S+ systems, Advisor turns into a powerful and portable rough evaluation tool during tenders and rough diamond bids. Advisor™ is available in two editions: standard and professional. The Advisor’s advanced features and tools enable you to optimize your profits. The built-in tools and options support the planning process for all diamonds, from small makeable roughs to complicated multi-cleave large diamonds, taking profitability to completely new levels.

Advisor™ is fully integrated with Sarine’s Galaxy™ family of inclusion scanning systems, effectively utilizing the comprehensive inclusion output mapping data, including the inclusions’ locations, sizes and shapes, during the planning process for optimal results based on all the relevant C’s.

Key Benefits

  • Fast and accurate planning solution
  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • Powerful algorithms used to calculate millions of options to determine optimal yield for both round and fancy shapes, taking into account user’s price list
  • Supports both perfect symmetry and asymmetric planning options, allowing planner to tradeoff Cut grade symmetry against Carat weight and/or Clarity
  • Integral diamond calculator enables examination and determination of different cut proportions
  • Supports planning of manufacturer proprietary polished shapes
  • Embedded generic or factory-proprietary price list for best value return

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