Sarine to Introduce eGrading™

Sarine’s unique cloud-linked Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven 4Cs solution to enable industry-first on-site self-grading.

Sarine is proud to announce another revolutionary innovation – eGrading™ – self-executed polished diamond 4Cs grading by value-chain industry players (manufacturers, wholesalers and even retailers) on-site at their own facilities utilizing Sarine’s AI-driven cloud-linked technologies. Sarine today is announcing a new paradigm which will revolutionize the way polished diamond grading is done by industry players, in general, and particularly manufacturers. We are enhancing our technology-based AI-derived 4Cs grading with additional functionality for process control and intra-process verification, in order to implement a completely new grading model we have named eGrading™. eGrading will provide a time-saving cost-cutting in-house automated solution for the 4Cs grading of much of their production output of polished stones, without necessitating the current inefficient and costly process of going offsite to a third-party grading facility (hence the “eGrading™” term, just like eLearning is from the comfort of your home). The systems utilised for the grading process are all cloud linked. The 4Cs grading data will be uploaded directly to the cloud, and grades will be derived without human intervention. Results will then be available on the cloud for online B2B access and subsequent report generation. Intra-process automated verification of the polished diamond at each station will ensure consistent and dependable work and data flows, optionally along with our TruMatch™ fingerprinting. Our new grading proposition, once launched, will enable truly objective and consistent 4Cs grading at a fraction of the time currently required and at lower direct costs per report and virtually no indirect costs. View the press release here.