Sarine Offers Revolutionary 3D Jewellery Imaging Solution

Using innovative technology from Israeli start-up Verto, Sarine will enable retailers to provide stunning video imagery and customer customization and personalization of jewelry with no capital investment. Sarine is pleased to announce that it is now offering a new simple, automated, and extremely cost-effective imaging and visualization service with interactive personalization functionality to jewelry suppliers and retailers.

Verto, an Israeli start-up, has developed an innovative imaging solution that generates high quality interactive video displays, derived automatically from but a handful of images captured by any common smartphone. Verto’s solution enables jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to provide their customers with exceptionally high-quality video visualization of the jewelry pieces, along with interactive capabilities to view the piece from multiple perspectives and personalize the setting as well as the types, sizes, and colors of stones, etc., with no need for capital investment in high-end devices, expensive professional photographers or exhaustive manual finishing. The combination of the imagery’s high quality, the system’s ease of use, its attractive cost and fast delivery creates an offering that is far superior to any currently available market alternatives. Sarine is leveraging its global marketing and sales infrastructure and diamond industry recognition to introduce Verto’s cutting-edge offering under a mutually-beneficial sales agreement. Read the press release here.