Avraham Eshed Named 2019 Israel Diamond Industry Dignitary

Avraham Eshed, a veteran Israeli diamond manufacturer, will be named an Israel Diamond Industry Dignitary for the year 2019. The biennial Israel Diamond Industry Dignitary Awards aim to recognize and honor those men and women who have advanced and promoted Israel’s diamond industry, at home and abroad.

Eshed is unique in the Israeli diamond and gemstone landscape, as he developed his equally successful diamond and colored gemstone businesses in parallel. More than 30 years ago, he stood at the cradle of Sarine Technologies and was instrumental in the transition and implementation of its manufacturing and decision-making technologies in the diamond industry.

“In the late 1980s, we hired engineers who developed a cad-cam operated machine that would automatically cut the girdle of a colored gemstone, with the purpose to manufacture standard-sized emeralds and at the same time guarantee a good yield from the rough,’ Eshed recalls. “I quickly understood that the application of this technology would be very valuable to the diamonds industry. In 1988, we established Sarine Technologies, which is now a household name worldwide in the diamond, gem and jewelry industry and trade.”

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