ALROSA Enhances Clients Experience by Implementing Sarine’s Digital Technologies for Their Rough Diamond Trade

Sarine is pleased to announce cooperation with ALROSA, implementing Sarine’s DiaExpert® 3D-mapping, Galaxy® inclusion scanning and other technology to augment ALROSA’s rough diamond auctions with detailed information pertaining to the offered rough stones. During the October 2019 trading period, ALROSA, for the first time, offered its clients to participate in Digital Tenders, where a full digital scan of each rough diamond was provided for detailed analysis. This enabled ALROSA’s customers to thoroughly evaluate the rough diamonds and make informed purchasing decisions based on comprehensive data regarding the offered goods. The technology behind Digital Tenders is, as aforementioned, derived from the DiaExpert® 3Dmapping, the Galaxy® inclusion scanning and various other systems. The information provided with each stone comprises the rough diamond’s detailed external shape, internal inclusions and anticipated color and fluorescence, and is provided in standard Sarine Advisor® diamond planning format, readily usable by clients’ personnel to evaluate possible polished output solutions, each according to their own needs, preferences and price lists. View the press release here.