Diamond Tech Newsletter

Achieving Polished Weight Targets with Technology

By Guy Ben-Ari, Product Manager @ Sarine, 09/04/2017

The journey of diamond production, from rough stone to polished gem, is complex and fascinating. After Sarine Galaxy™ inclusion mapping and Advisor™ rough planning, followed by blocking and bruting, the rough diamond is now in the makeable stage. Ready to be crafted by the diamond polisher to its final shape, this is the part of […]


Laser Sawing at the Cutting Edge

By Ami Halfon, Product Manager @Sarine, 02/03/2017

Sarine Quazer™ has a long track record in the green laser diamond sawing industry. The first generation device was launched in 2007, the second generation in 2010, and Quazer™ 3, the most recent version, hit the market in 2014. The Quazer holds a prominent position in the high-end segment of the market, renowned as an […]


Exploring DiaMobile™ XL: Portable inclusion scanning device for diamond tenders

By Gilad Shaham, Product Manager @Sarine, 24/01/2017

Attend a diamond tender anywhere in the world, and you’ll see numerous Sarine DiaMobile™ XL machines at work. DiaMobile XL is a rough scanning device that works in conjunction with Sarine Advisor™ software, offering instant rough planning that enables diamond manufacturers and traders to effectively price rough diamonds during tenders. What makes DiaMobile XL such […]


Advisor 6.0 New Feature: Scoop Planning

By Gilad Shaham, Product Manager @Sarine, 02/01/2017

Advisor™ is Sarine’s flagship rough planning software product, and the most widely used program of its type. Since its initial development and launch in 1995, the Advisor program, together with the Galaxy™ inclusion mapping system, has become a staple software for diamond manufacturers worldwide. We’re launching the first product post of the Diamond Tech blog […]


Diamonds in Other Industries: Beyond Jewelry

By Sarine Staff, 29/12/2016

Today, diamonds are giving the fields of mathematics and science a new makeover. With advanced research into the properties of diamonds, their use in other industries is constantly increasing.  More affordable, synthetic diamonds make industrial diamonds an affordable option for industrial use. Moreover, the diverse properties of diamonds, including low acoustic absorption, high electromechanical coupling coefficient […]