Cut & Symmetry

  • AGS® Performance Grading

    The AGS® (American Gem Society) Cut Grading optional software package, developed under exclusive license, adds ... more

  • DAS

    The Diamond Assay Service™ (DAS) offers the most efficient yet simple way to instantly know your diamond’s Cut ... more

  • DiaMark™ HD

    The DiaMark™ HD is a laser marking system designed specifically to inscribe corrective polishing instructions ... more

  • DiaMension™ HD

    The DiaMension™ HD provides accurate geometrical measurements of polished and semi-polished diamonds. The ... more

  • DiaMension™ AXIOM

    DiaMension™ AXIOM is a high-end diamond scanner for measuring and modeling polished diamonds. After 25 years of ... more

  • DiaScan™ S+

    The DiaScan™ S+ is a cost effective, compact and mobile system for the accurate geometrical measurements of ... more

  • DiaScribe™

    The DiaScribe™ is the most cost-effective laser inscription system for diamonds available. It allows you to ... more

  • GIA Facetware®

    The GIA Facetware is an optional plug-in to Sarine’s Instructor™ software incorporating the official GIA cut ... more

  • Instructor™

    Instructor™ is Sarine’s polished diamond analysis and grading software. It is the successor to our renowned ... more